Open source framework that helps you move data between your database and your cloud-based tools.



Grouparoo's OneSignal integration allows you to sync all of your customer data that lives in various sources into OneSignal.

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What is Grouparoo

Grouparoo is open source data infrastructure to keep customer data in-sync between your data warehouse and 3rd party tools such as OneSignal.

Grouparoo pulls customer data in real-time from all of your data sources and keeps that data synced to OneSignal.

How we work together

  • Automatically enrich Devices in OneSignal as users interact in your core product
  • Keep Tags with calculated properties up-to-date automatically
  • Create Segments in OneSignal based on data from multiple sources
  • Have better control over how you segment your users

Grouparoo and One Signal

Grouparoo to onesignal 2

Onesignal to grouparoo 2