Deliver mobile and web push notifications with fresh data from your data warehouse.

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What is Hightouch

Hightouch is a Data Activation platform that syncs data from data warehouses and databases into engagement solutions like OneSignal. With a complete set of warehouse data and simple interface, Hightouch makes it simple for anyone to supercharge their marketing messages.

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How We Work Together

Hightouch syncs data from data warehouses and databases into OneSignal tags. With Hightouch, it's simple to enrich OneSignal with contextual data, leading to more targeted and highly-personalized marketing messages.

Partner Integration Use Cases

Personalized Campaigns

Sync data about users and accounts into OneSignal to build hyper-personalized campaigns

Auto Segment Updates

Automatically update segments on OneSignal with up-to-date data from your warehouse

Customer Touchpoint Sync

Deliver better experiences by bringing in data from other customer touchpoints into OneSignal