RevenueCat’s app monetization platform empowers developers to confidently deploy in-app purchases and subscriptions, centralize data, and grow revenue across iOS, Android, and the web.

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What is RevenueCat

RevenueCat powers subscriptions for the biggest apps in the world. We are a mission driven, remote-first company that is building the standard for mobile subscription infrastructure. Top apps like VSCO, Notion, Life360, and ClassDojo count on RevenueCat to power their subscriptions at scale.

Our platform makes building, analyzing and growing mobile subscriptions easy. Whether building a new app or growing one with millions of existing users, RevenueCat enables you to easily set up cross-platform in-app purchases, manage products and subscribers (across iOS, Android, web), and analyze IAP data - no server code required.

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How We Work Together

The OneSignal and RevenueCat integration allows companies to craft and execute personalized and well-timed messaging campaigns using lifecycle subscription events tracked with RevenueCat. Through the integration, you can automatically send subscription events to OneSignal from RevenueCat and update tags within OneSignal on your users’ latest subscription status. With accurate and up-to-date subscription data in OneSignal, you'll be set to turbo charge your campaigns. This integration is available via OneSignal's mobile messaging channels.

Partner Integration Use Cases

Increase Trial Conversion

Send an onboarding campaign to a user in the free trial of your subscription. Engage the customer at the right time to ensure they react accordingly to continue on to the paid subscription.

Reduce Churn

Send a push notification to churned users and offer them a discount. Re-engage users to onboard them onto a new subscription plan.

Increase Customer LTV

Understand your customer’s subscription status to enable timely and relevant notifications that ensure continued use to better retain customers throughout their lifecycle.