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The complete stack for in-app purchases.

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RevenueCat Website

What is RevenueCat

RevenueCat is the single source-of-truth for your subscription status across iOS, Android, and web. Whether you are building a new app or already have millions of subscribers, you can use RevenueCat to build cross-platform in-app purchases, manage your products and subscribers, and analyze your IAP data - no server code required.

How we work together

  • Fetch products, make purchases, and check subscription status with our native SDKs.
  • Host and configure products remotely from our dashboard.
  • Analyze the most important metrics for your app business in one place.
  • See customer transaction histories, chart lifetime value, and grant promotional subscriptions.
  • Get notified of real-time events through webhooks.
  • Send enriched purchase events to analytics and attribution tools with our easy integrations.

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