Create beautiful UI, generate clean code, and deploy to the app stores or web in one click. The best part: fully extensible with custom code.

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What is FlutterFlow?

FlutterFlow is an application development environment to visually develop multilingual native iOS, Android, Web and desktop applications. Over 850,000 developers from almost every country in the world build apps in FlutterFlow.

Easily add advanced features like push notifications, multi-language apps, payments, animations, and more. Build your own custom widgets or write custom Dart code that you can use in FlutterFlow. When your app is complete, export your Flutter code or deploy straight to the Apple App Store and Google Play Store.

How We Work Together

FlutterFlow and OneSignal can be integrated to enhance user engagement and retention through targeted SMS and email campaigns. By utilizing FlutterFlow’s intuitive UI builder, developers can rapidly create visually appealing apps, while OneSignal's seamless integration enables the sending of personalized, timely notifications. 

This powerful combination ensures users stay informed with relevant updates, boosting the overall user experience. Whether it's for promoting new content, reminding about unused features, or re-engaging dormant users, the FlutterFlow and OneSignal integration facilitates a direct and effective communication channel with app users.

Partner Integration Use Cases

Transactional Email

Send transactional emails on user action


Notify users via SMS on database update

Campaign Automation

Send customized, automated email campaigns to new users