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What is WordPress VIP

WordPress VIP is the agile content platform that empowers marketers to build content faster and smarter, driving more growth.

Our customers—from Salesforce to Merck to News Corp—are some of the world’s most iconic brands, using content to create high-performing digital experiences for customers.

We empower teams with the flexibility and ubiquity of WordPress—the CMS that powers more than 40% of the web—while ensuring the security and reliability organizations need to operate at enterprise scale.

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How We Work Together

OneSignal's WordPress Plugin is perfect for enterprise marketers and publishers looking to drive engagement with their audience and customers. After setup, your visitors opt-in to receive push notifications when you publish a new post. Visitors receive these notifications even after they’ve left your website, thus driving re-engagement. OneSignal users can configure notification delivery at preset intervals, create user segments, and customize the opt-in process for visitors.

Partner Integration Use Cases

WordPress VIP enterprise customers use OneSignal to

Deliver Content At Scale

Deliver breaking news to their audience.

Grow and Retain Your Audience

Engage their audience with subscription offers.

Drive In-App Purchases

Re-engage commerce customers to increase sales.