Ridding the world of bad customer service. Helpshift is a consumer-first digital support platform.



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About Helpshift

Helpshift is a consumer-first digital support platform, made for companies that want to meet the rapidly evolving needs of their customers wherever they are. Helpshift combines smart segmentation with conversational AI to quickly understand customer intent & facilitate a guided support journey across modern experiences, from mobile apps to social messaging channels, and from gaming consoles to the metaverse. Brands are able to solve customer problems quickly and improve the effectiveness of their agents.

How We Work Together

Helpshift allows OneSignal users to provide a platform for two-way communication from within the Helpshift dashboard. Whether you’re looking for information on why a user hasn’t been in the app for a while, looking to gather feedback, or want to invite a hardcore player to a private beta, Helpshift will give you the tools needed to support and communicate with your users, strengthening your retention funnel.

Business Use Cases

App Feedback

Looking to gain feedback on your app to get a better understanding of what your users think? OneSignal and Helpshift enable you to send targeted notifications to your users to request feedback or any other messages to your users.

Crash Updates

Did you know that crashing and app errors are the most under-reported issues within an app? Usually, users either give up or restart without telling anyone. Instead, gather feedback or trigger messages to let your users know that you're looking into it when your app crashes.

Rewards & Rengagement

Want to reengage inactive users and incentivize them to jump back in? Helpshift and OneSignal can help you target segments of users and notify them of rewards, prizes, or promotions to get them back in the app.