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Industry-leading event tracking to drive goal-based results.

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Ever wonder what the outcome of a message ended up being? Create an understanding as to how your messaging drives direct, indirect, and unattributed user actions with no code involved.

Easily quantify which messages are driving sales, engagement, and more. Export detailed reports as a CSV for further analysis on how you can further improve your messaging strategies.

How to track outcomes
Suleman Rehmani
As a data driven marketer, it’s great to see users opting in everyday, and we can engage them based on the actions they took.
Confirmed deliveries

Confirmed Deliveries

A lot of times, users take actions that can make it hard to know if your messages are reaching them. Users uninstall apps, swap phones, turn off their phones or are unreachable. OneSignal’s Confirmed Deliveries helps you know precisely when a device receives a notification.

Having the ability to know which devices are getting notifications can provide more insight into what drives results. Start gathering informative metrics and have greater confidence that people are seeing and engaging with your content.


Robust Analytics API

Build out powerful engagement strategies around which of your users are interacting with different messages by leveraging user-level data for sends, receives, and clicks that are available via the OneSignal API.

With this data, OneSignal users can perform in-depth analysis, build user-level relevance models and create segments based on people who’ve clicked a notification and more.

How to use our notification history API

OneSignal also has simple integrations with many other analytics platforms

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