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What is Purchasely

With Purchasely, mobile marketers can efficiently create and manage template-based Paywalls, personalize subscription flows, run A/B tests, use codes, groups, and offer special deals. With just four lines of code and a two-step integration, Purchasely removes the technical barrier allowing developers and non-tech savvies to focus on the business optimization and have their hands on the wheel from building to operation.

Why Purchasely

  • Automize multi-channel activation / upsell / retention / win-back thanks to Purchasely’s granular subscriber data and API integrations with mobile engagement solutions such as OneSignal
  • Continuously optimize subscription and retention flows using Purchasely no-code conversion optimizer (native paywall builder, price and UI A/B testing tool, automatic segmentation of paywalls)

How We Work Together

This integration allows you to get all Purchasely subscription events to OneSignal, enabling you to trigger automated communication based on those events. Messages sent through OneSignal can be linked to a Purchasely powered paywall in order to better engage, upsell, and retain customers.

Purchasely provides a unified dataset to track the subscription events for all stores. These events are generated by the Purchasely Backend, and sent to OneSignal so that users' events are updated accordingly.

Subscription events generated by Purchasely will be sent to OneSignal using a server-to-server integration. As a result, you will be able to see all the subscription events in your OneSignal Dashboard and map them with any campaigns.

Partner Integration Use Cases

Increase Trial Conversion

Trigger a message when a user is nearing the end of a free trial to have them onboard to a paid subscription plan

Reduce Churn

Send a push notification to a churned user to get them re-engaged

Increase Customer LTV

Send a timely promotional message to a user after they canceled their subscription providing a discount code for re-activating