Captivate Your Users With Live Activities

Deliver custom app experiences to your users’ lock screens, available on iOS 16.1+. Launch quickly with OneSignal’s Live Activities features in our API.

Live activities dont lose users attention

Don’t Lose Your Users' Attention

Stay at your users’ fingertips with Live Activities, real-time, at-a-glance app experiences visible on their lock screens for up to 8 hours. Sustain engagement over time with dynamic feeds that help users follow things they care about. Broadcast game scores, give users a play-by-play of their delivery, and more.

Live Activities Use Cases

Delivery & Rideshare

Track order status and see when the driver is near


Broadcast live, in-game scores and key plays, countdown to a game

Fintech & Crypto

Follow gas fees, exchange rates, and stock prices, show trade and wallet updates


Follow a group workout feed and leaderboard


Share live events, challenges, and leaderboards


Track flight, train, or subway statuses and progress

Live activities gain loyal customers through delightful app experiences 2

Build Customer Loyalty With Delightful App Experiences

Become one of your users’ favorite apps by showing them the information they want in an easily digestible, accessible format. Present real-time updates in a cohesive and personalized way, rather than sending a series of static individual messages.

Watch Our Live Activities Webinar

We'll share what we know about this feature, how apps and companies are thinking about this development, how some have already rolled out Live Activities, what you might want to consider for your app, and how OneSignal is working to support Live Activities.

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Live activities get fast results with shorter dev time 10

Realize Results Faster and Save Developer Time

Instead of building your own solution from scratch, leverage our prebuilt tools to drive engagement with Live Activities quickly. Plus, always stay ahead of future industry changes, thanks to our teams’ ongoing releases.

Live activities speed scale and reliability

Speed, Scale, and Reliability, in an Easy-to-Use API

Save dev time without compromising on speed, thanks to our battle-tested API. Our industry-leading throughput will handle the real-time delivery for you. Every day we help over 1 million global customers deliver 10B+ messages at just the right time, all with over 99.95% uptime.

Live Activities are Coming Soon!

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