Adobe Experience Cloud

Create and activate powerful audiences leveraging a best-in-class data management platform.

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Paid Plan Only

What is Adobe Experience Cloud

Adobe Experience Cloud is an industry-leading set of applications for creating, managing, delivering, and personalizing content across all owned digital marketing channels. Transforming data into robust customer profiles, Adobe Experience Cloud provides businesses with comprehensive tools to deliver the right experience across every channel.

Adobe’s Audience Manager turns fragmented data from any channel or device into meaningful audiences that you can act on right away.

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How We Work Together

This one-way integration with Adobe Experience Cloud allows you to sync segments from Adobe Audience Manager to OneSignal for targeted messaging that is timely and relevant. Now you can activate segments in real-time within the Adobe Audience Manager, then deliver unique, personalized experiences through OneSignal’s multichannel engagement platform.

A paid OneSignal account is required for this integration. Schedule some time with our team to see how OneSignal and Adobe will enable you to build actionable messaging campaigns that drive user engagement, optimize conversions, and increase revenue.

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Partner Integration Use Cases

Increase Conversions: Prompt free trial users to convert to a paid plan based on intelligent segments you've built in Adobe Audience Manager.

Improve User Retention: Leverage audiences of recently inactive VIP customers to re-engage in a new product release.

1:1 Content Personalization: Create a segment of users who have watched at least 1 game in the past 7 days, then send highly targeted messages with personalized content they care about.