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What is Blueshift

The SmartHub CDP easily integrates with the platforms you love and activates them with the power of your customer data.

Level up your stack by streaming unified customer profiles and intelligence throughout your ecosystem. Future-proof your tech stack by easily integrating new tools and emerging channels. Get your entire stack operating harmoniously through shared data and decisions across every platform

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How We Work Together

Through our integration, you are able to create and sync segments from Blueshift into OneSignal, and trigger messaging campaigns. After you’ve sent your messages, you can then send user metrics and reactions back into Blueshift to analyze and drive further engagement. Our integration combines the scale and flexibility of a customer data platform with the speed and execution of multi-channel campaigns. This integration is available through the Web Push messaging channel.

Partner Integration Use Cases

Targeted Messaging

Trigger a personalized message to a precise audience segment built within Blueshift to encourage them to make a purchase of their recently viewed item.

Increase Trial Conversion

Engage the customer at the right time to ensure they react accordingly to continue on to the paid subscription.


Re-engage users to onboard them onto a new subscription plan.