Automatically capture user metadata without coding to create customized messaging campaigns for your customers.

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What is Freshpaint

Freshpaint's no-code approach helps product & marketing teams take control of their data. Freshpaint automatically captures every action on your site, making it possible for non-technical users to route data from Freshpaint to any marketing or analytics platform.

How We Work Together

Freshpaint’s autotrack features automatically capture and share customer actions and data with OneSignal in real-time without coding individual events. With faster implementation and flexibility, you’ll get more relevant and personalized messaging out to your customers. Non-technical users can configure events using Freshpaint’s visual editor, then send them to OneSignal for targeted customer communication.

With the OneSignal and Freshpaint integration, you can:

  1. Boost user retention

  2. Increase conversion rates

  3. Improve app engagement