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What is Radar

Radar helps digital leaders drive revenue and loyalty with location. Build best-in-class location-based experiences with SDKs, APIs, and dashboards for geofencing, place detection, trip tracking, and more.

How We Work Together

Radar can send tags directly to OneSignal. OneSignal users can then create notifications triggered by tag changes. Use the Radar and OneSignal integration to send location-triggered and location-targeted messages to increase engagement and conversion.

Partner Integration Use Cases


Radar geofencing is more powerful than native iOS or Android geofencing, with cross-platform support for unlimited geofences, polygon geofences, isochrone (time-based) geofences, temporary geofences, and stop detection.


Use our place database to detect when a user visits a place, chain, or category, even if you haven't set up geofences for those places. Radar ingests and curates place data from multiple sources, providing you with a comprehensive view of the world.


Regions detects a user's country, state, DMA (media market), or postal code.

Trip Tracking

Use our industry-leading SDK to build experiences for curbside and in-store pickup, delivery tracking, and more.