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What is (formerly is an end-to-end solution for developing, publishing, and maintaining native mobile apps for iOS and Android powered by web content. Median simplifies the app development process for web developers and companies of all sizes, helping customers build powerful, full-feature native apps while saving them the time and cost of in-house development.

Build in minutes: Create an app in minutes by entering your website URL in the Median App Studio. Preview your app in browser-based device simulators or download to test on a physical device.

Save time and development effort: Only basic JavaScript is required to build and configure a full-featured native app. Build and maintain your apps without any in-house iOS or Android developers.

More than a wrapper app: Using the Median JavaScript Bridge and Native Plugins you can build a fully native app powered by your website or web application. Add any feature possible in a native app from controlling screen brightness to capturing App Install events using the Facebook SDK.

Median co onesignal integration

How We Work Together

With the — OneSignal integration, you can easily incorporate push notifications within your app to better engage and retain your app users. The integration allows you to use advanced push notification functionality such as user segmentation, personalized notifications, and programmatic notifications. You can also incorporate OneSignal capabilities beyond push notifications, such as In-App Messaging.

Partner Integration Use Cases

User Segmentation

Assign an app user a custom tag via the JavaScript Bridge or allow app users to select their own custom tags from a predefined list using a Subscription UI built into your app.

Personalized Notifications

Notify your app users with personalized notifications about product releases, back-in-stock alerts, or special promotions such as holiday sales.

Programmatic Notifications

Automatically send notifications to remind app users to complete an unfinished sign-up form, complete the check-out for an abandoned shopping cart, or offer targeted discounts for products they recently viewed.

In-App Messaging

Send messages similar to push notifications that are displayed within the app.