Consistently Drive Value with Journeys

An easy-to-use visual workflow builder to automate your messaging and guide your users.

Journeys guide your users to success

Guide Your Users to Success

Map out customized workflows at every touchpoint to send relevant messaging based on user attributes or behavior. Users are more likely to engage when messaging is seamlessly integrated into their overall user experience.

Journeys cross channel orchestration

Cross-channel Orchestration

Engage with your audience and deliver personalized and relevant experiences across push, in-app messaging, email, and SMS. Amplify your messaging by incorporating other channels to reinforce your messaging or communicate other value props.

Journeys save time and resources with automation

Save Time and Resources with Automation

Automate your messaging to trigger in real-time rather than manually running campaigns over and over. You can also sequence individual campaigns that are related into a single Journey workflow to create a more cohesive experience.

Journeys easy to use and intuitive builder

Easy-to-use and Intuitive Builder

The user-friendly builder is accessible to everyone to create Journeys directly in the dashboard, no code required. No need to wait on engineering resources to set up complex logic and infrastructure. We took care of all of that for you.

Journeys For Every Situation


Educate your users on how to get started and how to maximize their value from your product.


Follow up with relevant information after a user takes an action, such as booking an appointment.


Communicate different value props and incentives to get users back on your app or website.

Sales campaigns

Announce and send follow-up reminders for sales.

Trials and upgrades

Convince your users to pay for your services by communicating your value propositions.


Introduce and send relevant information for events, including important details and critical dates.


Reveal exciting new challenges or competitions and set up reminders to encourage participation.


Extend the customer relationship post-purchase, such as asking for a review or promoting your referral program.

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