Consistently Drive Value with our Journeys Designer Tool

An easy-to-use visual workflow builder to automate your messaging and guide your users.

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Build Dynamic Message Flows

Engage, Convert, and Delight…On Autopilot

Drive key business goals by mapping out customized workflows that send relevant messaging based on user attributes or behavior. Users are more likely to engage when messaging is seamlessly integrated into their overall user experience.

Sprocket saw a 66% increase in overall 30-day activity after using onboarding Journeys to spark engagement.

Cross-Channel Customer Journey Orchestration

Engage with your audience and deliver personalized and relevant experiences across push, in-app messaging, email, and SMS. Amplify your messaging by incorporating other channels to reinforce your messaging or communicate other value props.

From our State of Customer Engagement report, apps that use Journeys have 13.6% higher average 30-day retention.

Save Time and Resources with Automation

Automate your messaging to trigger in real-time rather than manually running campaigns over and over. You can also sequence individual campaigns that are related into a single Journey workflow to create a more cohesive experience.

Beach Bum Games saw a 140% increase in paid user reactivation 10 days after implementing Journeys.

Journeys easy to use and intuitive visual builder

Easy-to-Use and Intuitive Visual Builder

The user-friendly builder is accessible to everyone to create Journeys directly in the dashboard, no code required. No need to wait on engineering resources to set up complex logic and infrastructure. We took care of all of that for you.

Journeys For Every Situation


Educate your users on how to get started and how to maximize their value from your product.


Follow up with relevant information after a user takes an action, such as booking an appointment.


Communicate different value props and incentives to get users back on your app or website.

Sales campaigns

Announce and send follow-up reminders for sales.

Trials and upgrades

Convince your users to pay for your services by communicating your value propositions.


Introduce and send relevant information for events, including important details and critical dates.


Reveal exciting new challenges or competitions and set up reminders to encourage participation.


Extend the customer relationship post-purchase, such as asking for a review or promoting your referral program.

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Increase in CTR

“We have achieved a 25% increase in CTR and a 10% increase in user subscriptions with Journeys.”


Increase in user activation rate

"By iterating on our Journeys and using segmentation, we have managed to increase our user activation rate by 3 percentage points in just 1 month."


of OneSignal customers reported a 50%+ increase in their ability to engage their audience using Journeys.


Increase in Push open rates

"[With Journeys] we've experienced a phenomenal shift in customer engagement...ensuring we offer a seamless transition from ordering a car to hitting the road."


Increase in engagement

“Journeys is great for setting the tone and expectations with your user. We've improved personalization and increased our engagement by 3X.”


of OneSignal customers reported at least a 25% increase in their ability to engage their audience using Journeys.

“Journeys has given the marketing team more independence to create their own messages without having to implement changes in the code, leaving us with more time for other projects.”


Boost in conversion rates

"The ability to track user interactions allowed us to fine-tune our strategy, ultimately leading to a 15% reduction in churn and a 25% increase in customer lifetime value."

“Here in the gaming industry, push notifications are the best retention tool and the best way to return players to the game. And that’s why we love to work with OneSignal.”

+140% Paid User Reactivation After 10 Days
+250% CTR for Quest-Related Notifications

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