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What is Bluedot

Bluedot’s award-winning software powers meaningful engagement across key industries including retail, restaurants, and transportation. With pinpoint accuracy that is 20X more precise than any other mobile location provider, Bluedot can immediately detect when a customer enters the drive-thru, arrives at curbside, or walks into a store.

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How We Work Together

The Bluedot integration with OneSignal updates user tags to provide information such as target zone or destination, the event time, and the time to reach the destination for Tempo events. This information can be used to trigger messages for specific segments of users in OneSignal.

Overview of Benefits

Combine Bluedot's arrival and location awareness technology with OneSignal's messaging capabilities

Location-based messaging

Target users based on their physical location

Timely Messages

Anticipate customer arrival for mobile order pickup and trigger relevant messages


Reach users with a personalized area-based messaging strategy