Build internal tools and connect your database to OneSignal to enable messaging across mobile and web push notifications, in-app, sms, and email.



Retool is a low-code platform that makes it fast and easy to build internal tools


App/Web Creation

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What is Retool

Business teams need custom apps, dashboards, admin panels, and other internal tools to run critical operations. Rather than build from scratch, developers can use Retool to build powerful tools, faster.

Our app builder includes drag-and-drop building blocks (e.g. components for tables, buttons, forms, charts) so you can assemble an app in minutes. From there, you can write custom code, connect to any data source, and build custom logic and queries to create exactly the right tools for your business.

Thousands of companies like Doordash, Peloton, Brex, and FOX use Retool to build internal tools that drive faster operations and better business outcomes.

How we work together

  • Build seamless experiences: Whether it’s online support or recommendations after an in-person experience, you can build personalized messaging into any internal tool your teams use.
  • Empower cross-team visibility: By powering messaging in Retool with OneSignal, you can give every team the power to communicate with customers without worrying about data silos.
  • Quickly build anything you imagine: Retool makes it easy to combine the power of OneSignal with any other service, helping you quickly spin up any campaign or initiative you can think of.

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