Turn your website into a native app with push notifications — without the time and cost.

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What is MobiLoud

If you have a website or web app, you’ve already got a mobile-optimized product ready for publishing.

Instead of building from scratch, MobiLoud adds any missing features required to provide a mobile-native experience for your audience — complete with push notifications powered by Onesignal.

2000+ companies have used MobiLoud to cut down their time to market and launch on app stores in as little as 3 weeks. All with a single codebase and at a fraction of the cost of traditional app development.

How We Work Together

The MobiLoud-Onesignal integration enables any company to take advantage of mobile push notifications without the hassle and cost of traditional app development.

The integration is easy to set up and users can manage their push notifications in one place using the Onesignal dashboard.

Sites running on WordPress, can also take advantage of our powerful Canvas plugin which lets you automate all notifications for new posts, Woocommerce stores and Buddypress, with no additional setup required.

Partner Integration Use Cases

Easily Segment Your Users

Assign custom tags to your users or allow app users to self-segment by choosing which message they want to receive using an intuitive notification dashboard

Send Personalized Notifications

Bring your users back with personalized notifications (e.g. order updates, activity updates, stock updates) built for reengagement

In-App Messaging

Communicate directly with users using push notifications to provide important information, promotions or general updates