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Create Seamless Omnichannel User Experiences

More than two-thirds of American smartphone users have at least one financial app, and that number is even higher in some other countries. Whether you’re a crypto wallet, banking app, or investment platform, an omnichannel messaging strategy enhances your product. Push notifications provide real-time intelligence to engage your users. In-app messaging and emails drive onboarding and education to set your users up for success. SMS can be used for security or verification to protect your users. OneSignal is the best partner for fintechs and financial institutions to send real-time market alerts, educate users, and boost app engagement.

Industry financial drive revenue with real time market movements

Drive Revenue With Real-time Market Movements

Stocks, options, and crypto asset values can change rapidly and experience wild swings in short time periods. Whether you’re dealing with financial tickers or crypto coins, trigger real-time price alerts to keep your users informed about the latest market movements so they can better manage their portfolio holdings on the go. Notify your users about price changes, percent changes, moving averages, highs/lows, limit orders, and more, to help them grow their portfolios. Help your users gain an edge by reporting real-time market changes for equities, bonds, crypto, and other assets they care about.

Industry financial deliver important account and transactional updates

Deliver Important Account & Transactional Updates

Real-time transactional notifications are imperative to the user experience. Users need and expect confirmation of important account activity. Crypto and investment platforms need to report on trade confirmations and successful funding events. Banking and financial companies need to alert their users of deposits and fundings, balance and spending alerts, payment due notifications, payment acknowledgements, and more. To effectively monitor their portfolio and transact with confidence, your users need to know about account activities even when they’re not in your app.

Industry financial onboard and educate your users to success

Onboard and Educate Your Users to Success

Guide your users through onboarding, verification, and funding so they can successfully use your app or website. Set up an in-app Carousel to walk users through completing KYC requirements step-by-step. In-app messaging also helps get push and location permissions as well as user data and preferences that are crucial to personalizing your user experience. As more novice investors adopt fintech apps, invest in educating your audience on how to perform actions like checking balances, transferring funds, or trading assets in their portfolio. Tailor your lifecycle messaging based on how sophisticated your users are, so they are equipped to make the best decisions on your platform.

Industry financial improve the web3 experience

Improve the Web3 Experience

Optimize your messaging, whether you are a dApp, smart contract, backend, protocol, or other blockchain service. Send relevant messages as users buy, sell, trade, or securely store cryptocurrencies in their wallet. Alert your users to key movements, from prices to gas fees. Publish educational resources to increase product usage, such as cloud backup to protect funds or shared wallets transactions. From DeFi to NFTs to DAO governance proposals, keep your users informed about relevant developments.

Industry financial enhance your security

Enhance Your Security

Safety and security are of the utmost importance when it comes to financial assets. Send messages for user verification, such as two-factor identification (2FA), that seamlessly tie in with your identity authentication experience. Users expect to be notified of fraud immediately—flag suspicious activity and send real-time security alerts to keep users informed and provide peace of mind around the safety of their assets. Reliably sending these security-related alerts helps build trust and deepen the relationship with your users.

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We were able to generate more engagement with the product and were able to attribute some transactional messages to these campaigns, which we consider a huge success.
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Industry financial boost message engagement

Boost Message Engagement

Personalize your messaging and show relevant information for your users’ accounts or asset interests. For instance, only alert users about the assets they are watching or have saved. Improve engagement with marketing messages by leveraging flexible delivery options, including Intelligent Delivery, which can increase open rates by 23%. Gather data-driven insights by A/B testing different elements to optimize your lifecycle messaging for higher engagement.

Industry financial reach the right audience

Reach the Right Audience

It’s important to curate the right messaging experience for each user, from passive investors to active traders. Create targeted audience Segments with filters, data tags, and location data to improve open rates by 50%. Filter users based on account and behavioral data, such as available funding, buying power, trade volume, or asset interests. Automate API-triggered transactional messages based on account or market updates.

Industry financial analyze performance and build on your success

Analyze Performance & Build on Your Success

Use built-in analytics to easily understand the impact of your messages. Set up Outcome tracking to monitor all the user behaviors and events you care about, without paying more for a third-party provider. You can also analyze Outcomes using multiple attribution methods, so you know what actions occurred as a direct or indirect result of your messaging campaigns. Calculate metrics with Confirmed Delivery data, which reports successful delivery to the end user, so you can gain a more accurate understanding of user engagement.

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Enrich Your Messaging With Integrations

OneSignal integrates with leading, best-of-breed software solutions (analytics, CMS, eCommerce, CDP, and more). Create targeted funnels and audiences by linking your OneSignal account with your preferred solutions. See the list of OneSignal Integration Partners.