We’re Democratizing Customer Engagement

As app developers, we needed an easy-to-use, effective, and scalable way to engage our users. It didn’t exist. So we built OneSignal.

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About OneSignal

OneSignal now empowers over a million businesses to send 12 billion messages daily. One in every five apps now chooses OneSignal. And we’re still working hard to democratize customer engagement because we believe that businesses of all sizes should have access to the tools they need to thrive.

We believe in omnichannel engagement that’s tailored to each company’s unique customer journey. We believe in products that are quick to implement and use, and that save you time rather than add to the noise. We believe in superior architecture, powerful APIs, and measurable results. We believe in personalization and customization at scale. We believe in messaging that works.

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Meet Our Leadership Team

George Deglin

Co-Founder and CEO

Long Vo

Co-Founder and COO

Josh Wetzel

Chief Revenue Officer

Jonathan Tillotson

Chief Financial Officer

Grace Lin

VP of Ops

Ellen Wong

VP of Engineering

Garrick Jang

VP of Sales

Christy Huggins

VP of Marketing

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San Mateo, CA

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New York, NY

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London, UK

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Singapore, Asia (Partner)

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