We're changing push.

Our mission is to become the ubiquitous platform for all mobile and web notification messages that apps send to users, and we're well on our way. Our easy-to-use developer SDKs empower developers and marketers to deliver effective push notifications to their users on all smartphone platforms.

Our stack includes Ruby, Rails, RSpec, CoffeeScript, PostgreSQL, and Redis. Our backend systems currently send approximately 1 billion notifications per day and process upwards of 1 million API requests per minute.

George Deglin
Co-founder, CEO
Long Vo
Co-founder, Operations
Josh Kasten
Senior Software Engineer
Jason Pang
Software Engineer
Joe Wilm
Senior Software Engineer
Nick Punt
VP of Product
Kevin Weatherman
VP of Business Development
Jon Fishman
Support Engineer
Tim Best
Software Engineer

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How do I get started?

Getting started is easy. Sign up for a OneSignal account, then add our plugin or use our server API.

For assistance, contact us at support@onesignal.com.

How powerful are we talking?

Our backend systems currently send tens of millions of notifications per day and process upwards of 400,000 API requests per minute.

It's free; how does OneSignal make money?

We make money by using the data we aggregate to improve web and mobile experiences. We also offer custom solutions to enterprise clients.

From our blog

We are excited to announce several powerful new features to make sending notifications through OneSignal even better as we enter the new year ...

Rust at OneSignal

January 4, 2016

Earlier last year, we announced OnePush, our notification delivery system written in Rust. In this post, we will cover improvements in our delivery capabilities since then ...

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