Movable Ink

Data-activated and contextually relevant creative at time of engagement across email and mobile.



Built for the visual era, Movable Ink enables brands to create compelling visual experiences.

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What is Movable Ink

Movable Ink empowers digital marketers to generate creative that is data-activated and contextually relevant at the time of engagement across email and mobile. By unifying and activating your first-party data sources and third party martech providers in real-time, you can use this data to power personalized creative in marketing campaigns - all without requiring any tech builds or integrations.

Seamlessly integrate personalized creatives into your rich push, in-app, and app inbox mobile marketing programs and ensure customers have a consistent cross-channel experience.

How we work together

  • Integrate Movable Ink creative output into OneSignal with our pre-built solution
  • Automate content production with reusable content apps that connect to any data source
  • Layer in real-time contextual cues such as location and weather, customer data, live inventory, and more

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