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What is Heroic Labs?

Satori by Heroic Labs is a LiveOps platform for game studios, enabling personalized player targeting to boost retention and revenue. It supports live events, experiments, and feature updates. Alongside Satori, Heroic Labs offers Nakama (open-source server), Hiro (metaplay framework), and hosting solutions as part of the Heroic Game Stack. This suite serves game studios and publishers globally across all platforms, aiming to enhance engagement and operational efficiency.

How We Work Together

By integrating Satori with OneSignal you can leverage Satori’s audience segmentation, and live event messaging features with message delivery handled by OneSignal. Continue with your LiveOps message schedules in Satori, and track delivery and open rates in OneSignal.

Partner Integration Use Cases

Integrate your existing OneSignal SDK with Satori

A seamless integration with the OneSignal SDK you already have in your game. Connect to Satori and combine the power of both platforms.

Coordinate Live Event Messaging

Utilize Satori message scheduling, tied to in-game activities like live events, with OneSignal’s multi platform delivery.

Game Specific Targeting and Messaging

Create highly custom, game specific audience segments in Satori for offer targeting with messaging and engagement campaign tracking in OneSignal.

Easily Target Specific Message Types

The Satori integration sends all required data to target specific message types using OneSignal (Push, In-App, Web/iOS/Android).