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What is Apphud

Apphud provides a smarter way to build and grow mobile apps with in-app subscriptions. By making development simpler, providing real-time data and tools to increase app revenue, we help small and large mobile-first companies deliver better products.

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How We Work Together

  • Integrate in-app purchases and subscriptions in your mobile app in 2 lines of code. No server code required.
  • View and analyze important revenue metrics to make data-driven decisions. Find out how many users start trials, convert to paying customers and renew.
  • Test different in-app purchases on paywall. Run experiments to find a subscription price that maximizes ROI.
  • Automatically win back lapsed customers, reduce churn, get cancellation insights using OneSignal integration.
  • Send personalized push or in-app message through OneSignal, when a specific event occurs, e.g. if a user cancels a trial or billing issue occurs.