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The Problem

Mic allows readers to watch short videos and view news summaries

Mic is the leading champion of independent, diverse and inclusive original reporting and professional journalism. Mic gives voice to critical news stories from modern and diverse perspectives. Over 66 million unique individuals read or watch Mic over 400 million times each month across platforms.

With iOS 10+'s rich push notifications powered by OneSignal, Mic allows readers to watch short videos and view news summaries right on the iPhone lock screen. Users can then decide to jump directly to the same content in the app, or continue to browse stories on the lock screen.

Cory Haik
We've hit on something with this very frictionless system of consuming the content on the lock screen. You can quickly get the story without tapping in, so you get everything you need from that notification.
Cory Haik, Publisher

The Results

10% more time engaging with the content

Mic's users can follow up to 12 different topics to receive personalized news updates on the homescreen. As different news topics become more relevant throughout the year, Mic can send users another notification asking if they want to opt-in to a given topic, say the Olympics or the Oscars.

In addition to the iOS notifications, Mic also utilizes desktop web notifications to notify users of stories they may be interested in. According to Mic when a user comes to a story from these browser notifications they spend 10% more time engaging with the content than users who come from other sources.

Dan Phillips
We've had a great experience working with OneSignal. They are very responsive with our needs as a company and they helped out tremendously anytime we had technical implementation questions.
Dan Phillips, Product Engineer