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Implementing Web and Mobile Push

Product Hunt began using push notifications in 2016, but it was a bumpy start. They initially used another vendor, but the messages weren't sending to all devices. They switched to OneSignal and never looked back.

Ryan Hoover
Browser notifications are an extremely effective way to bring people back. We use them to tell our community the moment a notable product launches and when users are mentioned in comments.
Ryan Hoover



Sending personalized alerts

After implementing web push notifications, Product Hunt wanted to go beyond simple re-engagement notifications to improve retention.

Using OneSignal’s API, Product Hunt is able to automatically target users to send personalized alerts, regardless of whether that user is on a mobile device or a web browser.

Using OneSignal’s dashboard, Product Hunt is able to evaluate the quality of each notification sent by each user segment, identifying patterns in the data and replicating the best performing types.


Unified interface for web and mobile notifications

Because OneSignal offers a unified interface for web and mobile along with performance metrics, Product Hunt is able to do this while avoiding the headache of having to update or maintain different systems.

As with many other web platforms, email drives a significant amount of traffic back to Product Hunt every day. Push Notifications have proven to re-engage users and drive a similar amount of sessions as email and their active social media channels.

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