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About YourParkingSpace

YourParkingSpace is a UK-based parking reservation service that allows millions of users to find and book affordable and accessible parking by leveraging existing unused spaces in their area.

What began as a humble reservation platform has since evolved into a digital parking network and the UK’s most trusted car park operator, allowing private and commercial providers to make money renting out their driveways or spaces.

About yourparkingpspace

Choosing OneSignal for Multichannel Messaging

With their own dedicated mobile app, flexible pricing, and a convenient user experience, YourParkingSpace has no shortage of selling points to offer new customers. What they needed was a way to bring those users back to the platform to encourage repeat bookings, sustain retention, and ultimately nurture an ongoing relationship.

With a large percentage of their users booking just once, YourParkingSpace sought new ways to reach recent sign-ups with personalized messaging across push, in-app messages, SMS, and email.

Yourparkingpspace choosing onesignal for multichannel messaging

OneSignal provided just the “plug-and-play” engagement solution they were looking for, allowing YourParkingSpace a speedy and cost-effective avenue to move forward with their goals: increasing the average bookings per customer, boosting the average order value of each customer, and maintaining long-term retention across channels at scale.

Comparing results 5 months after launching with OneSignal to the 5 months before launch, YourParkingSpace increased their average number of bookings from campaigns by 1487% and slashed their CPA from campaigns by 83%.

Bringing Back One-Time Customers with a New User Journey

Before OneSignal, if YourParkingSpace wanted data, they had to request it from their data team, then manually upload a list of targeted email addresses for one-off campaigns.

They knew that catching new users within their first 30 days was key, but they needed a way to automate the process to achieve meaningful success at scale. By automating targeted push, email, and IAM campaigns within OneSignal Journeys, YourParkingSpace not only discovered that their new customers did, in fact, want to hear from them, but that a multi-touchpoint approach yielded extremely impactful results. By catching customers during the onboarding process with personalized offers, auxiliary add-on services, and follow-up reminders, their conversion rate increased by 700% and they saw a 25% increase in the average number of bookings per customer.

Yourparkingpspace bringing back one time customers with a new user journey

The success of Journeys didn’t stop at bringing in more sales volume — YourParkingSpace saw an impressive bump in the quality of their bookings, with a 16.5% increase in average order value and a 28% boost in the average number of parking locations used by customers.

Curing Email Spam Complaints

With their previous email marketing provider, YourParkingSpace was limited to sending mass campaigns every few months, to millions of recipients at a time. Without proper segmentation, these blanket email campaigns were delivering generic content to recipients — a one-way ticket to the email spam folder. The problem was only exacerbated by the fact that their prior email provider wasn’t proactively reporting their spam rates back to them.

Moving to OneSignal, YourParkingSpace gained much-needed transparency into their email deliverability. The ability to track spam complaints and bounce rates combined with OneSignal’s sophisticated email segmentation features allowed them to send their users more relevant content, effectively moving their campaigns from the junk folder to the inbox.

Yourparkingpspace curing email spam complaints

Paving the Way with Push

As they continue to scale, it is imperative for YourParkingSpace to justify every spend and keep a positive return on investment each month. A large part of their marketing revitalization hinges on their ability to augment email campaigns with new mobile channels in a way that allows them to get up and running fast without breaking the bank.

Where they previously struggled to expand push campaigns outside of a predetermined subset of around 12,000 users, OneSignal enabled the marketing team to instantly activate personalized push campaigns for 1 million+ users.

YourParkingSpace has increased net revenue from existing campaigns by 1090% (5 months post-launch vs. 5 months pre-launch) and experienced an average monthly ROI of 769% since launch with OneSignal.

The value of personalized messaging became clear almost immediately. Previously, if a user didn’t specify their first name, YourParkingSpace’s messaging would automatically attribute the source of the booking as a substitute. This resulted in many instances of users being addressed as a range of unidentifiable user names, creating an impersonal and somewhat confusing experience for customers.

Yourparkingpspace paving the way with push

Using OneSignal’s Liquid Syntax, the marketing team was able to easily substitute these errors with users’ correct names or “Hey Driver” if no name was specified, creating a far more sensible experience, remedying social media complaints, and improving brand trust in the process.

Driving Towards the Future

As YourParkingSpace turns their attention toward the future with OneSignal, they aim to further streamline an already-impressive new user journey with refined targeting strategies. Personalization has been a mission-critical addition for driving the frequency and value of user bookings — something YourParkingSpace plans to pursue with increasingly tailored campaigns, potentially targeting users based on where they’ve parked in the past to foster a deeply individualized customer experience.

In the long run, they are now fully equipped to not only engage new customers across multiple touchpoints but also retain existing, loyal customers with unique messaging campaigns at scale.

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