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Mobile App Re-Engagement

Want food right away? Get the EatStreet app. Users can order from over 15,000 restaurants in 250 cities, and trust that EatStreet's fleet of cars will deliver the food incredibly fast. To drive app downloads, EatStreet employs a range of marketing tactics including billboards, posters about their partner restaurants, email campaigns, social media, and more.

When it comes to app re-engagement, there's only one channel that really matters: mobile app notifications. EatStreet sends 2-5 push notifications every week to announce new restaurants, delivery promotions, and general reminders that EatStreet is ready to serve.

Mike Rome
OneSignal's tech and documentation has allowed us to move fast and realize value quickly. Minimal engineering support is required to execute tactics that create a lot of value for our business - personalization & segmentation, to A/B testing, and beyond.
Mike Rome

Chief Marketing Officer


Personalization with OneSignal

Before OneSignal, EatStreet's use of segments and tags were extremely minimal. "While we had some excellent segmenting and tags implemented across other channels, until OneSignal, we'd yet to find a push provider who could help us do this both quickly and affordably," explained Mike Rome, EatStreet's VP of Growth.

"Personalization is a critical component to our marketing efforts. Our customers are busy, and we believe in respecting their time. Being able to segment diners by market with very low effort is one way to ensure we're only sending relevant content."

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