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Softonic shaping the future

Shaping the Future of App & Software Discovery

With over 100 million monthly visitors, Softonic is the leading global software and app discovery destination, offering the most complete selection of downloadable software and apps across hundreds of categories.

Prior to OneSignal, Softonic utilized Firebase to send mobile push notifications, predominantly targeting their users on Android. As the Product Manager at Softonic, Jesus Bosque oversaw the coordination of these digital engagement campaigns and proactively sought better ways to stay connected with Softonic’s users.

Softonic seeking new channels

Seeking New Channels for User Engagement

Bosque understood that in today’s evolving digital landscape, push notifications were no longer an optional upgrade for businesses, but a necessary medium for interfacing with users. To expand Softonic’s user engagement and retention tactics, Bosque and his team began experimenting with web push notifications through OneSignal.

As the team started to ramp-up their testing, they realized there was a massive opportunity to elevate their digital engagement strategy with OneSignal’s easy-to-use API and robust segmentation tools.

Jesus Bosque
What began as a proof-of-concept with OneSignal to try its features and understand how users would respond to a new marketing channel led us to discover a wealth of untapped potential for Softonic.
Jesus Bosque

Product Manager

Hyper-personalized Messaging with Segments & Automated Messages

The Solution

Upon implementing OneSignal’s web and mobile push notifications, the Softonic team experienced a twofold increase in user retention from 12 percent to 24 percent.

With over 100 segments that capture audiences both broad and narrow, Bosque was able to direct messages with pinpoint accuracy to the right users. His team employed OneSignal’s API to sort users into these highly defined segments using data tags.

Softonic hyper personalized messaging

Through these segments, Softonic also gained the ability to automate messages, delivering pre-built notifications to users who satisfied certain behavioral triggers. OneSignal’s Automated Messages allowed the Softonic team to infuse context into their user communications, and enhance the relevance of their messages.

“Push notifications are all about connecting with users,” explained Bosque, ”It is critically important that your copy connects with your user as you only have seconds to engage with them even when the moment is right. When we began to use OneSignal’s Segments and Automated Messages, we saw an impressive increase in CTRs.”

Softonic improved ctrs

Improved CTRs with Intelligent Delivery

With over 70 million users worldwide, the Softonic team needed a way to efficiently send messages to users across multiple time zones. OneSignal’s Intelligent Delivery allowed them to do just that.

Intelligent Delivery automatically optimizes the delivery time of notifications based on when a user most recently used a specific app/website (and when that user used other apps/websites as well). Intelligent Delivery offers app and website developers that use OneSignal a powerful way to engage their audiences more effectively.

Jesus Bosque
Apart from an increase in returning users, we were amazed to achieve a 50% increase in CTRs when we begin to use Intelligent Delivery in conjunction with Automated messages.
Jesus Bosque

Product Manager

Dedicated to Customer Success

Apart from OneSignal’s powerful, enterprise-grade features, Bosque was impressed by OneSignal’s commitment to its clients and their successful utilization of the platform.

As part of their Pro Plan benefits, the Softonic team receives prioritized support, with most of their questions being addressed in a matter of minutes. Furthermore, the Softonic team was able to leverage resources such as OneSignal's documentation, blog, and webinars for continued education about best practices or new features.

"OneSignal's support team is always available to assist with technical questions and the company is very proactive when it comes to keeping customers up to date on the latest industry developments that impact us," said Bosque, "The high quality of their user resources and customer support is a testament to OneSignal's commitment to our success."

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