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Mutesix and inspire uplift

MuteSix + Inspire Uplift

MuteSix is a full-funnel digital and creative marketing agency that provides intelligent ad solutions and digital strategies to help online brands grow.

One of these brands includes Inspire Uplift, an e-commerce platform for independent sellers to sell unique items online. As the leading voice for Inspire Uplift, MuteSix uses data-driven analysis and targeted media buying to deliver scalable marketing solutions and revenue online.

The Problem

MuteSix understood early on that running a successful engagement campaign for Inspire Uplift would require sending consistent push notifications; however, their earlier experience with push lacked many critical components for a proper customer engagement solution, including a Magento platform integration.

As MuteSix began looking for a new push solution, they found that OneSignal not only supported its Magento integration with its latest partner integration dictionary, but also offered a best-of-breed engagement service to address abandoned cart recovery and in-app notifications.

Upon switching from Pushowl to OneSignal, Inspire Uplift saw an immediate increase in CTR, with its average monthly CTRs increasing by 75% in the first month of using OneSignal.

ROI with Pushowl
ROI with OneSignal
Mutesix abandoned cart notifiaction

Abandoned Cart Notifications

Understanding the power of segmentation and automation of push messages, MuteSix witnessed its cart abandonment notifications become a huge revenue driver for Inspire Uplift. 10% of Inspire Uplift’s entire Web Push revenue now comes from the automation of Abandoned Cart notifications. On top of an immediate 6% increase in sales conversions within the first month of using OneSignal-powered notifications, Inspire Uplift’s conversion rates surged over 207% from its previous successes with push.

OneSignal's most recent Shopify app allows online stores to re-engage visitors and maximize sales with cart abandonment notifications.

Mutesix active segmentation

Active Segmentation

After switching to OneSignal, MuteSix started sending messages to smaller, more targeted audiences using segmentation. They noticed that different segments would have similar clickthrough rates but the outcomes of these clicks varied. By targeting these audiences more consistently, this grew general engagement and retention metrics across the board, with a 68% increase in session duration and 207% boost in conversion rates.

Using OneSignal’s built-in “active” segment, MuteSix categorized Inspire Uplift’s audience by users who have engaged with web notifications more than once. Arguably one of their most resilient segments, it has now covered nearly half of Inspire Uplift’s entire user base and has also converted over 60% of their subscribers to become active returning customers.

Mutesix ab testing and intelligent delivery

A/B Testing & Intelligent Delivery

Having previously set up push notifications manually under generic send times, MuteSix found that using OneSignal’s intelligent delivery feature rendered higher CTR. By A/B testing separate CTA buttons, MuteSix was able to optimize CTR through testing different variations of content.

YJ Suk
OneSignal plays a crucial role in Inspire Uplift’s overall retention strategy. We love that we are able to build highly tailored segments and automations based on user experience. This allows us to tackle our biggest challenges like Cart Abandonment tactically and efficiently.
YJ Suk

Marketing Manager

MuteSix & OneSignal

MuteSix x Inspire Uplift

Having witnessed a 1091% combined increase in ROI, MuteSix trusts OneSignal when it comes to delivering scalable marketing solutions. Within just the first month of using OneSignal-powered push notifications, MuteSix produced astounding yet tangible results for Inspire Uplift.

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