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Finding the Right Solution

Future PLC is a multi-platform media company that manages a multitude of magazines and specialist publications. These publications cater to a vast range of interests including, but not limited to, technology, lifestyle, music, and even cycling. Globally, millions of readers visit Future publications daily.

Prior to OneSignal, Future’s publications did not utilize push notifications as a channel to connect with their readers. With their publications having millions of subscribers, Future needed a best-in-class solution that would help them send relevant content to their distinct audiences.

Matt Greenwood
Since deploying OneSignal, push notifications have grown into a large traffic source for Future, delivering millions of sessions a month to their publications. This increased traffic has also translated into accelerated revenue from sources such as affiliate marketing.
Matt Greenwood

Audience Development Executive

Matt Greenwood, the Audience Development Executive at Future, was tasked with spearheading Future’s push notification strategy. Matt learned about OneSignal from executives of a newly acquired publication that were avid users of the service.

Impressed by OneSignal’s wide-ranging functionality and low-lift implementation, Matt saw this as an opportunity to enhance reader engagement and retention efforts across the business.


Dynamic Re-Engagement

Through push notifications, Future is able to nurture audiences by delivering highly personalized content and monitoring their number of subscribed users. This enhances their affiliate marketing programs, especially during high-traffic E-commerce events like Black Friday and Cyber Monday.


Intelligent Delivery

Additionally, features like OneSignal’s Intelligent Delivery function allows for Future to reach its global following across time zones. Intelligent Delivery automatically optimizes the delivery time of notifications based on user activity, allowing Future to reach readers when they are most likely to consume the content that they send them.

Matt Greenwood
With OneSignal’s advanced analytics tools, we’ve been able to develop content for our push notifications that speaks to readers on a personal level.
Matt Greenwood

Audience Development Executive


Increased Relevancy

With OneSignal’s advanced segmentation tools, Future is able to easily curate audiences from their expansive global following. This is especially important because of Future’s status as a special interest publisher which means that specific audiences have to get the right content that clearly communicates what they offer. By defining audiences based on attributes like activity, location, and interests, Future is able to increase the relevancy of their content and improve notification open rates and web traffic.

Analytics track message outcomes

Data Driven Decisions

Furthermore, OneSignal’s advanced analytics and reporting allows for Future’s editorial teams to optimize content by identifying the correlation between their push notifications and desired user actions. Since Future publications receive so many daily, monthly, and yearly visitors, keeping track of what actions push notifications have influenced greatly helps with developing a strategy for engagement and retention.


Breaking News in Real-Time

Future and OneSignal

Matt and his team at Future trust OneSignal to deliver breaking news in real-time to millions of their readers. With some of the world’s leading publications under Future’s wing, speed and reliability are paramount. OneSignal has achieved delivery rates of 1.75 million notifications per second - more than twice the volume of the industry’s other top performers. When a publication needs to engage with its subscribers about new content, Future can count on OneSignal to deliver.

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