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Push notification conversions per week
Total revenue through push notifications

Push Drives Conversion

Evino uses both web push notifications and mobile push notifications to notify users about exclusive campaigns, new wines, and local offers.

In an average week, push notifications convert to 1,800 orders. Approximately 8% of their total rev comes from app push notifications; an additional 3-5% of their monthly rev comes from web push notifications.

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Ensuring Relevancy

Evino has performed extensive testing to optimize conversion through push notifications, which serve as an essential source of revenue.

They leverage OneSignal's robust features to ensure their messages are both relevant and timely. Evino sends a general push notification every day, plus 3-4 personalized notifications per week. Users are segmented by location and how frequently they engage with the app.

Felipe Pimont
OneSignal gives you a lot of options, from segmentation to personalization - it delivers everything we need.
Felipe Pimont

Marketing Analyst


Personalization, Rich Notifications, A/B Testing and more...

Personalization in web push increase CTR by up to 50%

Rich Notifications get an average CTR boost of .6%

Automated Messages are used for birthday offers

Segments allow Evino to provide delivery specials by location

A/B Testing is an essential to improve all campagns


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