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Traffic that comes from push notifications
Increase in retention

Improving Retention Rates

The Goal

For over 20 years, Kasamba has been the go-to solution for those seeking guidance on the spiritual plane. Kasamba offers psychic, tarot card and astrology readings through their website and, more recently, incredibly popular mobile app.

Kasamba came to OneSignal three years ago with the goal of improving retention rates. Most of their users would download Kasamba, get a few burning questions answered, and then drift away after their thirst for guidance was satisfied.


40% of Kasamba’s traffic comes from push notifications

After evaluating push notification providers, Kasamba ultimately chose OneSignal because it was easy to set up and integrate with their existing marketing efforts. Best of all, they could use automated messages to “set it and forget it”

OneSignal continues to grow and offer more features, helping companies like Kasamba grow. Now over 40% of Kasamba’s traffic comes from push notifications. “The main opportunity we see is increased retention. Our business is based on our ability to bring back customers to our app or site,” explained Omer Ben Ami, Product Manager at Kasamba.

Omer Ben Ami
OneSignal has helped us develop world-class push notification capabilities with little effort on our end. We’ve increased our retention by over 20% since we’ve started.
Omer Ben Ami

Product Manager, Kasamba

Templates and Rich Push Notifications

Features Used

Kasamba’s favorite features on OneSignal’s platform were Templates and Rich Push Notifications. They loved that they could use Templates to reuse examples that had worked best without wasting time setting up new messages. Rich Push Notifications also allowed for Kasamba to customize the notifications that they sent to users which increased click-through rates and helped with their retention efforts.

The psychics on Kasamba's platform provides all the answers users need to move forward. Over 3 million people trust Kasamba to see the future, and the future includes OneSignal.

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