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On April 20, 2017, LBC Studios launched its first studio game “Hempire,” immediately capturing worldwide attention with over 5.5 million installs that same year. Today, Hempire has reached over 12+ million downloads, connecting gamers across the world with the fun and emerging culture surrounding the cannabis community.


After noticing a solid decline in open rates, LBC Studios needed a new approach on how they re-engage and retain their active players. Primarily focused on app store optimization and user acquisition, LBC Studios' marketing team shifted towards push notifications to increase opt-in rates and improve overall player satisfaction.

Solon Bucholtz
"As game developers, OneSignal allows us to leverage our opt-in user base to cross-promote and track engagement in a very cost-effective way. Compared to any other engagement platform, OneSignal offers the largest array of valuable features available, such as rich media and deep linking. "
Solon Bucholtz

CEO & Co-Founder

As technology in the mobile industry has evolved, so have the rules for user engagement. For free-to-play mobile games like Hempire, tracking user behavior and sending personalized messages have become powerful ways to connect with gamers while they are still in the app.

LBC Studios strives to provide a high-quality user experience with clean graphics and depth of gameplay in their products. By sending entertaining and creative push notifications, LBC Studios keeps their 12 million gamers in high spirits with emoji-filled messages that often include funny quotes, trivia questions, and content that captures their user’s interests.


An Enhanced User Experience

The creative abilities that OneSignal provides has allowed for LBC Studios to achieve an exceptional user experience. From implementing LED lights or even simply changing the application icon on their notifications, LBC Studios uses OneSignal to bring an entirely new visual aesthetic to their game.

With OneSignal, LBC Studios now engages with their players by using rich media to create beautifully designed push notifications that re-target churned users and maintain customer loyalty.


Reduced Churn Rates

With over 12 million users on their platform, LBC Studios uses OneSignal’s segments to split their audience based on their purchase history. Those with lower purchasing rates are segmented to receive more engagement-focused messages, which provides LBC Studios with the ability to re-target churned users based on value-trust, resulting in greater customer turnout rates.


Easy Audience Management

LBC Studios relies on OneSignal’s data tags for easier audience management by triggering push notifications based on what level the gamers are on. As certain features will only unlock after reaching a specific level, sending a relevant push message such as reward messages has produced higher user adoption rates.

LBC Studios and OneSignal

Ultimately, OneSignal’s easy-to-use customization platform allows LBC Studios to add a creative yet effective twist to online marketing, yielding a fun, light-hearted game for players worldwide. After implementing OneSignal, push notifications have become deeply embedded in LBC Studios' marketing user acquisition strategy. When looking to deliver high-quality, top shelf content to their 12 million players, LBC Studios has OneSignal as their dispensary of choice.

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