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The Goal

Speed & Reliability

Since their launch in 2017, HQ Trivia has dominated mobile gaming. The app streams two shows every day through iOS and Android apps. Push notifications are essential - it’s how they let app users know when the game is live.

Last summer, HQ Trivia approached OneSignal to replace their internally managed notification system. “Whenever we send a push, every user must receive it at exactly the same time,” explained Andrew Watts, HQ's Marketing Manager. “It was important to us to find a platform that could handle that volume while giving us flexibility to provide our users a more personalized experience through push notifications.”

Andrew Watts
OneSignal has an interface that non-devs can easily use, impeccable service, and the consistent system uptime that make pushes reliable. They've improved click-through rate and retention across the board.
Andrew Watts, Marketing Manager

The Solution

Bleeding Edge Hardware

OneSignal uses bleeding edge hardware and a highly optimized network infrastructure to deliver 850,000+ notifications per second. According to HQ, “OneSignal has improved click-through rate and retention across the board.”

Database Servers: OneSignal’s dedicated database servers leverage NVMe SSDs, which provide read speeds of 5GB/second and 1,000,000 4k IOPS. OneSignal is 500% faster than systems using traditional SSDs.

Programming Language: OneSignal’s stack is written in Rust, a blazingly fast systems programming language designed to guarantee thread safety and prevent segfaults.

Optimized Network: With OneSignal’s Lightspeed Technology, notification delivery is parallelized across 32 thread; messages are sent via an optimized network stack provisioned to handle high bursts of notification traffic.


Features We Love

Segmenting & Messaging

While the infrastructure might be complicated, the platform is anything but. The marketing team uses OneSignal to quickly segment and target specific groups. This is especially important since adding games HQ Sports and HQ Words; users choose which games they want to receive notifications for. OneSignal gives HQ the ability to intelligently target their audience and send relevant messages.


The Result

Messages that Convert

HQ Trivia has written thousands of of push notifications, and with that comes a great deal of learning. “Push notifications are critical to our business - they are the primary method players use to be reminded about games.”

HQ notifications are consistent, short, light-hearted and scarce. Most messages are under 6 words in length. “The shorter and more personalized the push notification is, the better. Long-winded blocks of texts often go unread and players don’t engage with them.”

Concise messages with a countdown to the event create a sense of urgency and lead to incredibly high click through rates. The tone of the messages is conversational and lighthearted. HQ uses emojis and creates images with special characters.