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Shaping the Future of Music with Push Automation

Audiomack is a music streaming and discovery platform that narrows the gap between an artist and their audience. Audiomack brings together communities of artists, tastemakers, and labels to help fans discover new content that they may have never known about.

Artists upload and share their music for free, and fans can discover new artists, songs, albums, mixtapes, playlists, podcasts, and more with free offline streaming on Audiomack’s iOS and Android apps. Audiomack has been used by some of the world’s most influential artists like Eminem, Tyga, and Migos to break chart-topping hits.


Prior to OneSignal, Audiomack's push strategy was largely manual. Charlie Kaplan, Audiomack’s Vice President of Product, sought to find a solution that would help his team better communicate with users and automate their push notification initiatives.

After receiving a recommendation from a partner of the company, Kaplan learned about OneSignal. He was impressed by its easy-to-use API, and selected it as Audiomack’s push notification provider. Today, Audiomack has 18M subscribed users that receive their push notifications.

The Solution

Music Discovery Made Easy

For artists, there are a million ways to be heard, but not all of them are made equal. Kaplan observed that other music streaming services expect users to open their respective apps in order to learn about new music releases. This user experience puts both listeners and artists alike at a disadvantage.

“If fans are unlikely to come across new music, the likelihood of music releases succeeding for artists would be negatively impacted as well,” Kaplan explained.

Charlie Kaplan
Sending push notifications to users just to improve open rates only serves to alienate users and desensitize them to your messages. It's more important to deliver relevant, valuable content—always.
Charlie Kaplan

VP of Product

Kaplan understood that the key was making the music discovery process as frictionless as possible. Doing this would set them a class above the competition, while also providing the best experience for fans and artists.

With OneSignal, Kaplan and his team utilized mobile push notifications to alert fans when artists they follow release something new. Audiomack sends an average of 200,000 push notifications per day and this ensures that fans are always in the know when it comes to new content from their favorite creators.


Amplifying Engagement

Audiomack uses OneSignal to help artists engage with their audiences and ensure that the maximum number of fans can hear new releases right away.

To achieve these levels of engagement, Kaplan and his team adopt an iterative approach to their push strategy. His team first tests new ideas on how to best connect with users by manually sending push notifications through Mixpanel, a business analytics platform and one of the many third-party tools that OneSignal integrates with to support businesses.

Kaplan is able to leverage data from these tests in OneSignal, and uses the platform to craft messages and automate push campaigns that bring users the most value.

Audiomack and OneSignal

Since implementing OneSignal’s push notifications, Kaplan has received rave reviews from fans. Listeners are amazed at how quickly and seamlessly they can learn about new releases from the artists they care about the most.

Put simply, Audiomack knows that it can trust OneSignal when it comes to speed, scale, and reliability. OneSignal’s easy-to-integrate API allows Audiomack to automate their push notification campaigns, supercharge engagement between artists and their followers, and take music discovery to the next level.