OneSignal’s vision is to empower effective communication to help great ideas scale. From the beginning, we’ve architected OneSignal to be an open platform that provides extensive APIs and documentation on how to connect with other systems.

Successful customer engagement relies on the ability to support real-time data flows with other technologies to deliver better experiences.  Today we’re announcing the launch of an Integrations Directory, which makes it easier than ever to understand how to connect OneSignal to your technology stack.

This is the start of highlighting these integrations to make it easy for the more than 1 million developers who rely on OneSignal today.

Integration Framework

OneSignal is a developer-centric, messaging infrastructure company. Developers are more competent than ever with significant resources at their disposal. They are creating powerful software apps at a faster rate than ever before, and are looking for easy to integrate solutions.

Today, our integration ecosystem strives to ensure OneSignal connects with the most popular app and website building tools, analytics, data, and vertical channel solutions in the market. Our 30+ integration partners fill critical roles in our users customer engagement strategies, and round out the first wave of integrations in our ecosystem.  More integrations will come in the months ahead.  

App & Website Building

Easily set up and leverage OneSignal from whatever platform an app or website is created on.


Understand customer behavior and actions across devices and channels by syncing OneSignal to leading analytics platforms.


Complement the data OneSignal collects with additional information provided by other data platforms.

Additional Channels

Extend OneSignal to leverage additional messaging channels and orchestrate cross channel campaigns.

Partner with OneSignal

The partnership team at OneSignal is committed to helping all of our partners grow within our ecosystem. There are many benefits to creating and launching an integration with OneSignal, but here are a few:

  • OneSignal is a leading customer engagement platform, delivering 7+ billion messages per day across mobile and web.
  • OneSignal’s website averages over 1M visitors per month, with a developer community of more than 1 million around the world
  • OneSignal is committed to providing exceptional service to joint customers and has a partnership program to support a broad range of integration partners.

To learn more about our current integrations, visit our new Integration Directory. If you’re interested in applying to be a OneSignal partner, fill out a form here.