As another year passes (albeit an incredibly unique and unprecedented year), we’re proud of the milestones that we’ve reached as we continue our journey as the market leader for customer messaging and engagement. We’re also thankful for all of the support, feedback, and passion from our OneSignal community. Your input is invaluable as we continue to grow and evolve our offerings, and we work hard to incorporate your insight into our product roadmaps.

We’re happy to share that in 2020 we:

  • Set a OneSignal record by delivering 8.75B notifications in a single day!
  • Exceeded 1 million user accounts on our platform
  • Launched a new messaging channel, SMS, to help you re-engage users and streamline your messaging operations.
  • Made major improvements to our products and platform (see our top 10 wins below for details).
  • Added eight new integrations, including Mixpanel, our first bi-directional integration designed to improve real-time targeting capabilities.

As we look back at 2020, we wanted to share the top 10 things we’re most proud of and thank you for the input and inspiration that made them possible.

1. SMS

We added SMS (Short Message Service) to our messaging suite! SMS is a powerful re-engagement channel and has among the highest open and engagement rates of all messaging channels. SMS joins our existing industry-leading push notifications, in-app messages, and email services to help you solve all your messaging needs with one powerful platform.

2. Category slide down

Category Slidedown functionality allows you to easily add tags based on your audience’s interests, without any code. This empowers your users to tell you what updates they want to receive and improves your message personalization. Adding Category Slidedown and segmenting users by interest and behavior can increase click-through rates by over 60 percent.

3. In-App Message Carousel

In-App Carousel was the most requested in-app feature from our developer community, so we answered! Our newest feature allows you to easily build up to 10 screens of customizable content in a scrollable carousel format, all with no code required. Carousels have been shown to increase user engagement, retention, and opt-in rates, and can help enrich your onboarding flows and more.

4. Mixpanel Integration (bi-directional)

Mixpanel is an industry leader in analytics, and we’ve developed our first ever bi-directional integration to better connect our two powerful platforms. The Mixpanel integration allows you to leverage engagement data from OneSignal alongside your in-app product data from Mixpanel, to help you better understand your customers, improve customer experiences, and ultimately increase customer acquisition and retention.

5. Advanced Analytics

Advanced Analytics enables you to go beyond click-through rates and basic analytics to better understand the impact of your messaging. You can track custom events (Outcomes) and understand how your messaging drives conversions, both direct and indirect. We also rolled out a more Robust Analytics API, which lets you build out powerful engagement strategies based on user interactions with each message.

6. Automated Emails

With Automated Emails, you can send timely and relevant emails informed by  user actions and behavior. Set up sophisticated automations to send the right message at the right time to the right audience. Create onboarding series, abandoned cart emails, re-engagement campaigns, and upgrade campaigns that will automatically engage customers as they interact  with your business.

7. The new Growth Plan

We introduced the new lower-priced Growth Plan, which has been a top request from our users. The plan starts at $9 per month, with subscribers billed monthly at $3 per 1,000 subscribers. This plan is perfect for businesses with smaller subscriber counts that need the power of our personalization tools. The Growth Plan includes access to core features like message automation, user segmentation, A/B testing, analytics, plus more advanced tools such as list uploads, receive receipts, DPA, and more.

8. Shopify App Features

This year we rolled out a handful of improvements for our Shopify app, including Abandoned Cart notifications to convert shoppers to buyers, Shipping Updates to keep customers more informed about order status, and In-Stock Alerts to engage  interested buyers and drive purchases.

9. Security Upgrades

We’re always working to make our platform and product more secure for you and your users, and this year we achieved a security milestone by becoming Privacy Shield Certified. We also released a handful of key security features, including Two-Factor Authentication and extending Identity Verification to work for external_user_id.

10. SDK updates

The major versions of the OneSignal iOS and Android SDKs now provide simpler and more flexible initialization, foreground notification control, upgrades to AndroidX, and more. We've also upgraded our SDKs' API to be more straightforward for common use cases while providing more flexibility for advanced ones.

It’s our great privilege to serve over 1 million users globally and empower them to engage with their audiences through messaging. As OneSignal enters its next chapter of development in 2021, we’re excited to continue improving our platform and building new messaging innovations that will make it easier for you to grow your business.

New to OneSignal?  We’d love to help you start growing your business today. With tools to enrich every step of your customer engagement process, staying connected with your users has never been easier. Sign up for a free account or schedule a live demo to learn more.

As always, we’d love to learn from your feedback. What do you think of this year’s features? What would you like to see in the year to come? Let us know by sending us a tweet or drop us a message on our live chat.