OneSignal & Mixpanel

A partnership and new integration between the leader in customer engagement and the most powerful product analytics solution on the market.

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OneSignal & Mixpanel
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About Mixpanel

Mixpanel is the most powerful product analytics solution that helps you deeply understand product usage so you can prioritize the right features and build better products.

Over 26,000 companies use Mixpanel to understand user behavior in their product and to track how their user base converts, engages, and retains.

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How we work together

OneSignal's bi-directional integration with Mixpanel lets you send OneSignal events into Mixpanel and Mixpanel Cohorts back to OneSignal in order to target campaigns based on how users behave in your product and measure their impact. OneSignal is the fastest syncing partner with Mixpanel, with data syncing every 15 minutes.

The integration supports push notifications, in-app messaging, email and SMS, allowing you to sync cohorts and messaging events with any messaging channel.

The integration is available on OneSignal's paid plans.

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