Today, we’re excited to announce that OneSignal supports email delivery alongside browser and mobile app push notifications.

Since first launching OneSignal, customers have consistently asked us if we could make sending marketing emails as easy as we’ve made it to send push notifications. In surveying the landscape, we noticed much of the same factors we did when we started as a push notification platform - existing solutions are complex, hard to integrate, and expensive.

For instance, due to a lack of mobile or javascript SDKs in almost all existing services, basic needs like synchronizing emails, tracking important data like last login time, and getting meaningful analytics on campaign effectiveness requires developers to build their own complex API integrations - time that could be better spent building their own products. We knew we could do better.

With this launch, customers that already use OneSignal for push notifications can now synchronize user emails from their Website or App and begin delivering emails using the same dashboard, API, and SDK they’ve been using for notifications.

In email, reliable delivery is paramount, which is why we’ve integrated with existing transactional email providers like Sendgrid and Mailgun. This makes it both easy and affordable for our customers to deliver marketing emails using the same reliable channels they may already be using to send sign up confirmations and password resets.

We started OneSignal after previously working as a mobile game studio where we experienced first-hand the absence of technology to send effective notifications that didn’t annoy our users. Since our launch in December 2014, we’ve made it possible for hundreds of thousands of apps to use OneSignal to send notifications using our segmentation features, have them arrive at the best time of day using our scheduling features, and leverage new platform features like Web Push and iOS 10+ rich media support.

While push notifications are now the platform of choice for short, time-sensitive messages, email continues to be a ubiquitous platform used by both businesses and end users. Together, these complementary channels can help developers build even closer relationships with their users. Similar to push, email technology and use-cases continue to evolve with new capabilities such as interactivity via the open-source AMP protocol. As we have with Push Notifications, we will work towards always supporting the latest technologies, including AMP for email, HTML5 video support, encryption, and much more.

Over the coming months we’re excited to onboard many of our 370,000 push notification customers onto our email product, unlocking new opportunities for them to increase user engagement, reduce churn, and increase revenue.

You can learn more about our email product and how to get started here.