We're excited to debut OneSignal badges! These accolades are awarded annually to users who have demonstrated impressive growth, mastery, and skill in different aspects of their messaging strategy. Congratulations to all of our users who earned recognition this year — your hard work has not gone unnoticed. There are currently seven different OneSignal badges you can earn. Learn what it takes to collect them all!

Multichannel Marketer

This badge is awarded to users who have integrated three or more channels into their engagement strategy in order to deliver a true omnichannel experience.

Leveraging different channels can help you expand your potential audience, honor user preferences, and craft seamless and meaningful customer relationships across different devices. If you’re looking for ways to enhance your messaging strategy, leveraging email alongside push notifications is an easy, high-impact addition.

Marketing Automation Wizard

This badge is awarded to the top 20th percentile of API users who go above and beyond to automate promotional campaigns and transactional notifications at scale. Using our API can help accelerate your growth by automatically sending your users hyper-personalized and contextual messages at scale, without requiring any additional setup work.  

Journeys Guide

This badge is awarded to the top 50th percentile of Journeys users — congrats to all those users who upleveled their engagement strategy in 2023! Our easy-to-use visual workflow builder makes it easy to automate multichannel campaigns and guide your users through key milestones along their user journey.

Email Aficionado

We’ve awarded this badge to everyone who has tried OneSignal email in 2023. There’s a reason why this veteran channel is still an integral part of most successful engagement strategies in the modern age. Email has a broad audience, lots of content real estate, and provides the perfect counterpart to mobile-first channels like push notifications and in-app messages.

Community MVP

This badge is awarded to users who are part of our Signal Boosters Community. Join our Slack community to stay informed about product updates, provide valuable feedback, get answers to your OneSignal questions, and learn best practices from like-minded professionals who are overcoming similar challenges. Our community is open to any OneSignal user on a Growth, Pro, or Enterprise plan. Fill out this form to get an invite and earn your badge today!

Push Power User

This badge is awarded to the top 50% of push senders based on unique notifications sent. It’s no surprise that Push Power Users tend to see higher engagement and growth rates across the board. If you’re looking for inspiration to enhance your notification strategy in the new year, discover simple ways to use ChatGPT to enhance your engagement strategy and follow these multichannel campaign best practices to expand your reach to new channels.

Growth Hero

This badge was awarded to users who grew their subscribers by 200% in 2023. Growing your subscriber base is a surefire way to accelerate your growth, drive engagement, and reduce churn by delivering more personal and seamless user experiences.

If you want to become a Growth Hero in 2024, check out these tips to grow your mobile push subscribers, tricks for growing your email marketing list, and these subscription-prompting best practices. You can also reach out to us at support@onesignal.com for additional recommendations and support.

Discover What Badges You Earned in 2023

If you're unsure what badges you earned, check your email for a message from OneSignal that includes your yearly highlights and accolades.