WordPress 6.0 was released today — it's the second major release of 2022 for WordPress.  This new version brings significant enhancements to theming with Block Patterns, Gutenberg Blocks, and the new WordPress Global Style Switcher.

As the leading content management system, WordPress provides excellent tooling and a robust ecosystem of plugins. Below, we've outlined what to expect with this latest release and how to add push notifications to your WordPress site.

WordPress 6.0 Changes

The majority of WordPress 6.0’s changes are related to themes and styling.

The new page creation patterns lets websites set page types that can serve as starting blocks for building new pages.  For example, a WordPress website may have an “Office Location” page type alongside a “Press Release” page type.  New office locations can be added to the directory in a consistent way.

Gutenberg Blocks is a major stepping stone towards more block-based page development in WordPress.  The changes in 6.0 are more foundational, and Gutenberg continues to be a promising evolution of WordPress.

WordPress 6.0 Global Styles makes user-styling and theme management much simpler by creating variations.  These variations can be used by end-users with the Global Style Switcher.

Adding Push Notifications to WordPress 6.0

One excellent way to engage your WordPress audience is to use web push notifications to announce new content and blog posts.  We’re pleased to announce that OneSignal WordPress Plugin fully supports WordPress 6.0, so you can quickly and easily add web push notifications to your WordPress site. Watch the video tutorial below for step-by-step instructions to take advantage of this plugin.

You can follow along with the tutorial using this step-by-step WordPress Web Push Setup Guide.

After you've installed the plugin, there are a variety of ways to customize your push notification opt-in request and messages. Check out our documentation to learn about our web push customization options for WordPress.

Ready to get started? Simply follow the link below to install the plugin on your WordPress site for free.

>> Install the OneSignal Plugin