Radio Free Europe, a comprehensive news media organization with over 38 million listeners and readers, faced the challenge of building their own custom SDK for push notifications in 2017. It was a common build vs. buy scenario —allocating time and engineering resources to build a sophisticated push notification platform took away from RFE’s original intent on growing message quantity and increasing app retention.

Upon choosing to integrate with OneSignal, Radio Free Europe has witnessed a massive upsurge in subscribers, with a 35% increase in new opt-in rates and record-breaking click-through rates.

“Maintaining our own SDK was time and resource consuming, so we started searching for a partner in the market that could provide a superb push platform instead of building our own. That’s how OneSignal stepped in with the perfect solution” Arkday Pildes, Senior Product Manager

You can learn more about how Radio Free Europe leverages some of OneSignal’s premium engagement features here.