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Communication through mobile push notifications and in-app messaging has proven to be an effective way to connect with customers, with about 52% of app users subscribing to push notifications. A personalized approach paired with a unified communication strategy makes all the difference in the customer experience.

For B2B and B2C companies in all industries, driving engagement and conversions is critical to growth. Customer engagement platforms like OneSignal (which is accessible to HubSpot users through an integration) can help companies to expand their existing marketing and communication strategies as they work to connect with audiences, both on the web and on mobile.

OneSignal was recently named one of HubSpot’s Essential Apps for Marketers, a collection of 16 top apps for marketers to use along with HubSpot to boost performance, personalize engagement, and connect better with audience segments.

Here’s how marketing, sales, and product teams at B2B or B2C companies can use OneSignal with HubSpot to build and trigger mobile and web push notifications and in-app messages — all within automated HubSpot workflows. Remember — a unified messaging experience can make or break a brand’s relationship with potential customers.

Why Use Cross-Channel Messaging?

B2B and B2C companies can use the OneSignal HubSpot integration to send automated messages across the most popular digital channels, including mobile and web push notifications straight from their HubSpot portal to connect with subscribers.

Web-first companies can seamlessly connect with customers on mobile even if they don’t have a mobile application with OneSignal’s web push, which reaches audiences on both iOS and Android devices — connecting you with subscribers even after they’ve left your website.

The Benefits of Using the OneSignal HubSpot Integration

  • Streamline your marketing and communication strategy by eliminating the need for multiple platforms and bring cross-channel communication into one single HubSpot campaign.
  • Send push notifications via web and mobile with pre-built in-app message templates that are customizable.
  • Provide more opportunities and channels to connect with subscribers.
  • A/B test copy on different channels to engage customers and prospects.

OneSignal and HubSpot can help unify your messaging and drive engagement with your subscribers via unique message campaigns. This provides teams with more opportunities and channels to connect with subscribers in meaningful ways all from the HubSpot workflow builder.

Three Ways to Engage Your Audience Using the OneSignal Integration With HubSpot

Today, marketing, sales, and product teams need to meet their audience where they are. This might mean via mobile sometimes, via web sometimes, and via email others.

Here’s how customer-facing teams are using push notifications in automated HubSpot workflows to engage their audiences and drive customer retention.

1. Use web and mobile push notifications to send meeting and event reminders.

With the OneSignal HubSpot integration, users can send custom web push notifications that act as reminders — no code required. Teams can help prospects remember sales meetings and upcoming webinars that they’ve booked in advance with meeting and event reminders that reach them in their preferred way — either on mobile or desktop.

Web push is completely synchronizable for cross-channel campaigns from one centralized platform — HubSpot — making campaign management easy for marketing and sales teams. Customers who send out web push reminders see an improvement in event attendance and are able to create an even more positive UX experience by reaching subscribers when and where they’re most likely to see the message.

Create web push and mobile notifications directly within the OneSignal HubSpot integration.

2. Share personalized breaking news and content updates with subscribers.

90% of U.S. consumers report finding personalized marketing content to be very appealing. With the OneSignal HubSpot integration, customers are sending personalized web and mobile push notifications to deliver everything from breaking news and content updates directly to subscribers. They can easily engage both desktop and mobile audiences all from the same portal, and customize those alerts to the recipient’s preferences.

Web push is an exceedingly powerful way to connect with subscribers — they see push notifications more immediately than emails on their mobile device, tablet, or smart watch. These notifications reach users even after they’ve left your website, and provide a reactivation channel for users who have not yet shared their email address.

Send web push notifications to subscribers to share content updates, breaking news, and more.

3. Deliver promotions via SMS and push notifications to lead back to your website.

OneSignal and HubSpot’s integration empowers users to create personalized customer promotions that encourage reengagement and improve click-through rates (CTR). Customers are 35 times more likely to open mobile messages, so the use of mobile messaging and push notifications to engage customers offers teams the possibility of higher open rates, CTR, and regaining lost revenue.

From the workflow within the OneSignal HubSpot integration, eCommerce and B2C companies can automate an abandoned cart campaign that works to re-engage customers. Stadium Goods, a premier streetwear and sneaker marketplace, understands the value that abandoned cart alerts can have. They use OneSignal’s push notifications to help reduce the number of cart abandonments in their app by personalizing cart reminders with HubSpot contact tokens like a shopper’s first name and the specific products that were in their cart.

Deliver personalized promotions and notifications to your subscribers via SMS.

How Betcris Uses OneSignal Messaging with HubSpot to Drive Conversions

For OneSignal user Betcris, a pioneer in the online betting space, the immediate connection with their international audience has been crucial. Betcris needed a solution that would prompt customers to participate in real-time betting for ongoing sports events — web push notifications and SMS from OneSignal were key. They have created a scalable, unified messaging approach that connects them to their audiences in a timely manner.

“​​It's an easier, faster, and cheaper way to get people engaged with our promotions, to convert, or just to keep them in the loop about special promotions,” shared Nayith Diaz, Marketing Automation Manager at Betcris.

The team at Betcris also uses OneSignal push notifications in HubSpot workflows strategically by:

  • Localizing notifications by region and language
  • Reaching more of their audience via mobile than they could via web or email
  • Appealing to an international audience with regional messaging and SMS marketing options

Engage More of Your Audience with Personalized Push Notification Messaging

OneSignal and HubSpot are helping 500+ teams and businesses automate push notifications and in-app messages to better connect with subscribers through personalized, cross-channel campaigns. Streamline your marketing and communication efforts with the OneSignal integration with HubSpot, and explore the rest of the Essential Apps for Marketers.