Customer data is invaluable — but only when you put it to good use. Leveraging your data to send more personalized messages to specific audience segments will help you generate sustainable business growth. Grouparoo and OneSignal have joined forces to make this message customization easier and faster with their new integration, which allows you to transfer customer data between platforms without writing any code.

Grouparoo and OneSignal

Grouparoo is an open-source data infrastructure designed to sync customer data between your data warehouse and third party tools in your tech stack. Grouparoo syncs customer data from all of these tools, including OneSignal, in real-time.

The OneSignal and Grouparoo integration empowers you to:

  • Enrich OneSignal customer data with your Grouparoo profile properties. This integration will automatically create data tags as users interact with your product and update tags in real-time.
  • Use Grouparoo user data to segment your OneSignal audience and personalize your messaging campaigns.
  • Segment your OneSignal audiences based on data from multiple sources, to better align your tech stack, streamline operations, and improve your messaging strategy.

Define what customer data you want in OneSignal

How does the integration work?

This integration enables joint OneSignal and Grouparoo customers to dynamically set user tags in OneSignal using Grouparoo profile properties such as user name, lifetime value, and group status. Easily define what data you’d like to sync with OneSignal through Grouparoo’s interface.

Once the integration is set up, Grouparoo will keep your OneSignal user segments updated in real-time, so you can execute campaigns in OneSignal using the latest Grouparoo data.

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