OneSignal continues to hit major milestones this year as we now have over 160,000 registered developers and are delivering 1 Billion+ notifications per day!

We've also expanded our team to provide better support and faster updates to make OneSignal even better for our current and future clients.

Here's a breakdown of what we've been working on:

Case Studies

We've assembled five great case studies from a variety of clients across the E-Commerce, SaaS, Social Networking, and News industries to help provide examples on best-practices, show off new notification capabilities as well as validify Push as a tool to help businesses retain users, engage customers and increase conversions.

Product Hunt - "Using OneSignal’s dashboard, Product Hunt is able to evaluate the quality of each notification sent by each user segment, identifying patterns in the data and replicating the best performing types." Read More >

Mic - "With iOS 10's rich push notifications powered by OneSignal, Mic allows readers to watch short videos and view news summaries right on the iPhone lock screen." Read More >

YouNow - "Early in 2016, YouNow tried an experiment in which they reduced the number of push notifications in a variety of ways to see how engagement and retention would change." Read More >

Princeton Review - "To increase clickthroughs and conversions, the team also uses the Dashboard to run experiments with automating messages and optimizing message content by location. For example with the “best time” feature, notifications can be sent to users at the time of day they are most likely to be interested in the notification." Read More >

Kinsta - "With OneSignal’s latest segmentation improvements, they can also conditionally offer users complementary products or upsells and they can personalize the notifications delivered to individual users." Read More >

Dashboard UI Improvements

The OneSignal Dashboard is undergoing some big design improvements. Our focus has been on making the dashboard both faster and easier to use as well as set the foundation for many upcoming improvements we have in store.

Each setting on the dashboard now has a detailed description of how to use it, making it easier to leverage features like big pictures, custom sounds and action buttons in your notifications.

Major SDK Updates

Our mobile development team has been working harder than ever to improve the capabilities of our mobile SDKs. Here are some notable changes for our mobile application SDKs:

iOS (And all OneSignal SDKs that support iOS)

  • OneSignal now leverages the Notification Service Extension capability introduced for iOS 10+ to support notification attachments such as images, gifs, and videos. Previously, OneSignal used a workaround to support these features which was less reliable in cases where users force-closed the application.

  • New methods have been added including getPermissionSubscriptionState, addPermissionObserver, and promptForPushNotificationWIthUserResponse to make it easier to detect a user's current subscription state. Take a look at our documentation for details on how to use these new methods.

Android (And all OneSignal SDKs that support Android)

  • Our latest Android SDK, released April 17th, has over 20 bug fixes for issues that have been reported to us. Although most issues are minor, we recommend updating to this version to get all of these fixes.

Web Push

We now support Large Images in Web Push notifications. OneSignal clients like Kinsta are already leveraging this feature to increase the quality of their notifications.

Improved Amazon Kindle Fire and Windows Phone Notification Delivery Speed

OneSignal now delivers Amazon Device Messaging (ADM) and Windows Push Notification Services (WNS) through our new backend delivery system.

With this change, all of OneSignal's notifications are sent through OnePush, our specialized delivery system written in Rust. This has dramatically boosted the delivery speed and reliability of these platforms.

Thank you for all of your support as we continue to make OneSignal your go-to service for all of your Push Notification needs!

~The OneSignal Team