Expanding on our integrations surrounding in-app messaging, we’re excited to announce that OneSignal now seamlessly integrates with RevenueCat! Take advantage of RevenueCat’s powerful platform to easily manage the infrastructure surrounding in-app purchases for your apps. This integration is available for paid users only.

What is RevenueCat?

RevenueCat is the single source-of-truth for your subscription status across iOS, Android, and web. Whether you are building a new app or already have millions of subscribers, you can use RevenueCat to build cross-platform in-app purchases, manage your products and subscribers, and analyze your IAP data - no server code required.

“Our mission at RevenueCat is to help developers make more money. We’re excited about this integration because it will help users supercharge their existing OneSignal campaigns with up-to-date subscription events. These ‘right on time’ notifications can be the difference between a conversion and churn." - Jacob Eiting, Co-Founder and CEO of RevenueCat

How we work together:

When connecting RevenueCat to OneSignal, you’ll be able to access RevenueCat’s dynamic in-app subscription platform. This will enable you to:

  • Fetch products, make purchases, and check subscription status with our native SDKs.
  • Host and configure products remotely from our dashboard.
  • Analyze the most important metrics for your app business in one place.
  • See customer transaction histories, chart lifetime value, and grant promotional subscriptions.
  • Get notified of real-time events through webhooks.
  • Send enriched purchase events to analytics and attribution tools with our easy integrations.

If you’re using OneSignal for free and want to upgrade to a paid plan to take advantage of the RevenueCat integration (or if you’re not yet using OneSignal, but want to get started) OneSignal is offering a 20% discount on our plans to get you going.

To take advantage of the discount, contact support@onesignal.com and our team will take 20% off either of the paid plans to get you up and running with the RevenueCat integration quickly.