Mobile developers want to move fast and have their tools work together seamlessly. From push notifications to crash reporting and analytics, having tools that work together makes it easier to deliver great experiences to users quickly.

To that end, OneSignal has partnered with Microsoft Visual Studio App Center to make it easy to get SQL-like analytics on notification performance, comprehensive views of customer paths through your app, and much more. This OneSignal and Microsoft Visual Studio App Center integration will allow Microsoft Visual Studio App developers to easily use OneSignal as a messaging solution across their digital consumer experiences.

OneSignal already powers more than 4 Billion push notifications a day for more than 700,000 app developers.

Stats for websites using push notification technology (2022)

But we know from talking to our users that they also want more than just a great messaging platform. They also want best-of-breed tools for analytics, app testing, and deployment -- which is why we are excited to make that a reality by partnering with Microsoft as Visual Studio App Center’s exclusive push notification partner.

Visual Studio App Center is a leader in CI/CD and tools for mobile app developers -- enabling many of the world’s largest enterprises to reduce the time to test, deploy, and monitor their apps across multiple form factors.

Visual Studio App Center users adopting OneSignal as their push notification provider benefit from having more robust notification options than the built-in functionality of App Center, such as user segmentation, web push support, automated messaging, A/B testing, and unlimited audience sizes.

OneSignal users who also use Visual Studio App Center will be able to send their analytics events to Microsoft App Center (example code here), which offers powerful querying tools. These tools enable the integration of events across your apps and you infrastructure with SQL-like querying at scale. This allows for more complex data analysis than OneSignal currently supports, and allows you to join events from your app with crash reporting, Azure services, and other sources.

Microsoft Visual App Center

We’ve been impressed that the Microsoft App Center team has made their planning process publicly available on GitHub and is listening to the developer community. A frequent ask from their users was more powerful tools for engaging users through push notifications — with this partnership, we look forward to making it easier for app developers to build, release, optimize, and grow their apps by choosing best-of-breed push notifications and CI/CD tools.

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