We’re excited to introduce a new powerful integration with Retool! Learn how our latest integration allows you to build internal apps and connect to OneSignal APIs without any coding.

About Retool

Retool makes it fast and easy to build internal apps without a lot of development work. Internal apps like dashboards and admin panels help business teams run critical operations. Rather than build them from scratch, developers can use Retool to build powerful apps, faster.

Their app development platform offers pre-built components like tables and charts that users can drag and drop to create any app. Users can then customize the entire app with code to make sure it fits their needs.

Why This Integration is Exciting

Connecting Retool to OneSignal takes just a few minutes. Once connected, you can query the robust OneSignal API using a custom Retool UI.

Build custom dashboards and apps that connect your database to OneSignal and allow you to reach customers using mobile and web push notifications, email, SMS, and in-app messages. For example, you can build an app that helps you send personalized updates to users when you have breaking news and product updates.

Limitless Multi-Channel Possibilities: Querying the OneSignal API

After setting up a OneSignal integration with Retool, a new option for a OneSignal query will appear on the Retool page editors. After selecting that option, you will be presented with an interface that allows you to use any of the end points in the OneSignal API spec to send and retrieve data from OneSignal.

For example, you could build a tool to send automated shipping notifications and view a dashboard of current order status. Easily set up an app that pulls users from a Postgres table and lets you send notifications to selected recipients by connecting to the OneSignal Create Notification API.

Enhance Your Customer Communication Strategy

Optimize your customer communication strategy by connecting Retool and OneSignal to engage your customers on any channel or device. Learn more about the OneSignal + Retool Integration.

Get Started with OneSignal

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