Whether you know it or not, AI is likely already a part of your daily life. Many of the products and platforms we use leverage artificial intelligence to help us solve problems or complete tasks. AI helps us do things like navigate to work, unlock our iPhones with our faces, look up answers on Google, talk to a chat assistant, or send push notification at an optimal time for each smartphone user to drive engagement😉.

Generative AI describes a particular type of artificial intelligence that can be used to create new content, the impacts of which are just starting to ripple through our personal and professional lives. Although there are many fruitful and necessary debates to be had about how AI is built, used, and regulated, there's one undeniable truth that we can all agree on: Generative AI is here to stay, and it will change our world. As Bill Gates says so frankly, "The development of AI is as fundamental as the creation of the microprocessor, the personal computer, the Internet, and the mobile phone.”

Embracing a New Status Quo

In this brave new world, there's both reason to fear and reason for excitement. In marketing and other fields where content creation is the bread-and-butter of daily work, it's easy to feel trepidation about embracing a tool that might one day outperform you. On top of that instinctive fear, our cultural reverence for authenticity and deep-seated distaste for plagiarism can be hard to reconcile with the notion of using generative AI in creative fields.

Fear aside, ignoring the potential of this incredible resource while others take advantage of it can be a foolish and short-sighted mistake. If history has taught us anything, it's that the more adaptable and smart we are in response to change, the more likely we are to grow. That's especially true in business, where companies that fail to evolve in the face of change disappear into oblivion.  

Even if you welcome the idea of using generative AI in your customer engagement campaigns, figuring out how to use it in a responsible, valuable, and efficient way can be tricky when there's no precedent to work from.

With that in mind, we'd like to be your partner in this new journey. In this article, we'll show you some simple yet impactful ways to begin incorporating tools like ChatGPT into your customer engagement strategy.

1.  Creating Message Variations to A/B Test

ChatGPT isn't a reliable source for current events, but it excels at iterating on the content it's given and crafting compelling copy. Whether you're writing email subject lines and preheaders, push notifications, social copy, or SMS, creating multiple variations of your message to A/B test can be challenging. If you want help with copywriting or just need some inspiration to break through your writer's block, ChatGPT can help.



I'm an eCommerce shoe brand with a website and a mobile app. I'm writing a push notification to promote a buy-one-get-one sale that is going on for a limited time. The copy I wrote is: Title: Upgrade Your Look, Message: Don’t miss our BOGO deal on shoes — today only! Can you write other more compelling copy options for push notifications to A/B test?


Sure, here are some alternative options for push notification copy that you can A/B test:

Title: Sale Alert! Message: Buy one pair of shoes, get the second pair free! Limited time only.

Title: Steal the Deal! Message: Get two pairs of shoes for the price of one! Shop now before it's too late.

Title: Time is Running Out! Message: Don't miss out on our BOGO shoe sale! Buy one pair, get one free. Offer ends soon.

Title: Double Your Style! Message: Buy one pair of shoes, and get another for free. Upgrade your shoe game now!

Title: Flash Sale! Message: Hurry! Buy one pair of shoes and get the second pair free for a limited time only.

Remember to keep the message short and sweet, and use strong action words to encourage users to take action. Additionally, you may want to consider personalizing the notification by addressing the user by name, or by suggesting specific products that match their past purchase history or preferences.


Can you try to make the copy more creative? Maybe by using puns related to shoes


Sure, I can certainly help with that! Here are some creative push notification copy options that use shoe-related puns:

Title: Get Soled Out! Message: Our BOGO deal is the perfect fit for you! Buy one pair of shoes, get the second pair free. Hurry, this deal won't last long!

Title: Don't Miss the Boat! Message: Step up your shoe game with our BOGO sale! Buy one pair of shoes, get one free. But hurry, this offer sails away soon!

Title: Sole Searching? Message: Search no more! Buy one pair of shoes, get the second pair free. Walk this way to our BOGO sale now.

Title: The More the Merrier! Message: The more shoes, the merrier! Buy one pair, get one free. This deal is too good to pass up!

Title: Shoe Must Go On! Message: The show must go on with our BOGO sale! Buy one pair of shoes, get the second pair free. Don't wait, step into savings now!

Remember to use puns sparingly and to keep the message clear and easy to understand. Puns can be a fun way to grab attention, but make sure they don't distract from the main message.

2. Copy Editing & Improvement

As the previous example illustrates, another area where ChatGTP shines is copyediting and enhancement. Some easy ways to use ChatGPT for editing include:

  • Editing for style — Inputting copy and asking ChatGTP for help smoothing transitions, fixing awkward phrasing, or reordering information to improve the flow.
  • Editing for tone — Inputting copy and asking ChatGTP to make something sound more friendly, professional, conversational, etc.
  • Editing for concision — Different messaging channels have different content parameters and best practices. ChatGTP can help you make the email copy you wrote more concise, adapt the copy for a Linkedin post into a Tweet, and generally help trim the fat around your main idea.


Product Marketer:

My company is a cryptocurrency trading app. I've written a push notification to help re-engage and onboard users who drop off in the first few days after downloading the app before they finish setting up their account or utilizing other important features. The push notification copy is: Title: You Still Need to Set Up Your Crypto Account, Message: Finish setting up your account to easily trade currency and enable 2-factor authentication to ensure your account is secure. Can you improve this by: 1) making sure the copy is the right character count for a push notification 2) making the copy more compelling and clear


Certainly! Here's an improved version of your push notification copy that addresses each of your concerns:

Title: Don't Miss Out on Crypto Trading! Message: Your account is almost ready! Finish setting it up now to easily buy and sell cryptocurrency. Enable 2-factor authentication for added security.

Title: Finish Your Crypto Account Setup Today Message: You're only a few steps away from trading cryptocurrency! Finish setting up your account and enable 2-factor authentication to keep your funds secure.

Title: Unlock the Power of Crypto Trading Message: Don't let your account go unused! Finish setting it up now and start trading cryptocurrency like a pro. Protect your account with 2-factor authentication.

In these versions, I've made sure the copy is concise and optimized for a push notification. I've also tried to make the message more compelling and clear by emphasizing the benefits of using the app, such as the ability to easily buy and sell cryptocurrency and the added security of 2-factor authentication.

3. Adapting Messages to Different Channels

Messaging channels have unique formatting and character count limits, and the types of content and messaging that appeal to audiences also vary by channel. These nuances mean that it's not always easy to adapt the email copy you wrote into a push notification or text message, or vice versa. If you've written an email but want to send a multichannel campaign, ChatGPT can help you adapt your messaging to different channels and expand what you've already created into a multichannel customer journey.


Product Marketer:

Can you write email copy to support the cryptocurrency push notification message campaign I shared before?


Sure, here's an example email copy to support the push notification message campaign:

Subject: Don't miss out on the benefits of a fully set up account!

Hello [User],

We noticed that you recently downloaded our cryptocurrency trading app, but it looks like you haven't finished setting up your account yet. We understand that getting started with a new app can be overwhelming, but we're here to help you along the way.

By setting up your account, you'll be able to easily trade currency and take advantage of all the features our app has to offer. Plus, enabling 2-factor authentication will ensure that your account is secure and protected from any unauthorized access.

We don't want you to miss out on any of the benefits of using our app, so we encourage you to complete your account set up as soon as possible. If you have any questions or need any assistance, our support team is available 24/7 to help you out.

Thank you for choosing our app for your cryptocurrency trading needs. We look forward to seeing you succeed with us!

Best regards, [Your Company]

Product Marketer:

Thanks but this email copy is very long. Can you shorten it to one or two short paragraphs


Sure, here's a shortened version of the email copy:

Subject: Finish Setting Up Your Crypto Account Today!

Hello [User],

We noticed that you started setting up your account on our cryptocurrency trading app, but it looks like you haven't finished yet. By completing your account setup, you'll be able to easily trade currency and ensure your account is secure with 2-factor authentication.

Don't miss out on the benefits of using our app – finish setting up your account today! If you have any questions or need assistance, our support team is available 24/7.

Thank you for choosing our app for your cryptocurrency trading needs.

Best regards, [Your Company]

Now you have a workable draft that just needs some lighter-lift edits, personalization, and a compelling call-to-action (CTA).

4. Creating Educational Content

Adding relevant content links to emails and other onboarding resources is a great way to educate user and help contextualize the CTA. In the crypto app email example above, linking to a blog post that explains why two-factor authentication is important to account and fund security would be a great way to enforce the value of completing account setup. For this more general educational content that's not too product-specific, ChatGPT can provide a great working draft. In addition to asking about a topic, hone your prompt by including information about who your target audience is and any subtopics you'd like it to cover.


We've provided examples of ChatGPT queries to help show you what this tool is capable of and guide you as you look for meaningful results, but there's more than one way to ask a question. We encourage you to play around to find what works for you and how to be more efficient yet descriptive with your queries. For some additional guidance, check out these 10 best practices for writing ChatGPT queries in marketing.

Interested in discovering more tricks and tools to enhance your customer engagement strategy? We'd love to help!

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