OneSignal vs. Iterable

Choosing between OneSignal and Iterable? Compare our products and learn about some of the key ways we’re different.

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OneSignal vs. Iterable

A High-Level Comparison

The chart below gives a high-level comparison of our channels, features, and pricing.



  • Mobile push

  • Web push

  • In-app messaging

  • Email

  • SMS


  • Free Plan - Supports unlimited mobile subscribers and up to 10,000 web subscribers.

  • Growth Plan - Starts at $9/month + your chosen number of subscribers.

  • Professional Plan - Starts at $99/month + your chosen number of subscribers.

  • Enterprise Plan - Custom Pricing, discussed upfront without any hidden fees.

  • No free plan

  • Iterable’s pricing isn’t available publicly, but we’ve heard that it starts at $24,000/month and can be much higher in some cases.

  • Although Iterable is primarily an email provider, their email plans include very basic mobile push, web push, and in-app messaging tools.


  • Self-serve purchasing and setup options, no additional cost required for implementation.

    • Must purchase an implementation package as part of subscription.

    • Cross-channel user segmentation and automation with Workflow Builder tool.

    • Standard campaign analytics.

    • No Confirmed Delivery feature.

    • Advanced email automation and templates.

    • Limited templates available for in-app messaging.

    • In-app inbox feature.

    • AI campaign optimization features.

    • Limited web push capabilities and customization options.

Of course, there's more to every company than just facts and figures. Below, we've outlined some of the core values that set us apart.

Robust Capabilities Across Channels

Iterable’s primary focus is email marketing. Although they offer a good email product, their other channels are less advanced and customizable. In comparison, we are a true multichannel messaging provider in every sense of the word. The quality and flexibility of our product is the reason why we’ve earned the trust of over 250,000 mobile apps and 300,000 websites.


Dynamic Mobile-First Solutions

We’re heavily favored by mobile-first companies and have earned the trust of over 500 times more mobile apps than Iterable.

Our in-app messaging solution is more advanced and easy to use and gives you greater control over message layout, content, and design. In the OneSignal dashboard, non-technical users can create rich in-app messages without being experts on HTML or CSS. Alternatively, developers can still use HTML and CSS for advanced customization.

Battlecard lp free unlimited api access

Flexible API & SDK Options

Our API offers a powerful way to send personalized messages at scale and build effective user engagement strategies. Comparatively, Iterable has limited capabilities for sending messages via their API and messages must be sent to specific users or pre-defined lists.

In addition, Iterable does not provide SDKs for many popular development platforms, including React Native, Flutter, or Unity, making it much harder for developers to integrate with the product.

Battlecard lp speed and deliverability

Reliable Messaging and Analytics

We pride ourselves on message reliability, speed, and deliverability. Our analytics suite includes conversion tracking and integrates with solutions such as Google Analytics, Firebase, Mixpanel, and Amplitude to meticulously track and aggregate customer data. Our advanced analytics features such as Confirmed Delivery, direct and influenced opens, and subscription tracking will give you a more accurate and nuanced understanding of your message performance.

Battlecard lp sdk

Seamless Setup

We provide extensive documentation, powerful SDK’s, and dynamic integrations to streamline the implementation process. Despite catering to marketers, Iterable’s platform is complex and their limited documentation can make it more difficult to implement the tool and learn how to use each feature. Compared to OneSignal, Iterable has a much longer onboarding timeline, which can delay the amount of time it takes to reap value from the product.

Battlecard lp intuitive interface design

Intuitive Interface

Our dashboard is designed to be intuitive to use from day one, so productivity and collaboration aren’t blocked by a steep learning curve. Iterable’s UI can create a barrier in effectively creating and executing your campaigns, since it’s complicated to learn. Our flexible, straightforward UI is a key reason why we outscore Iterable in ease of use, key feature ratings, messaging optimization, and platform satisfaction.

A Customer Favorite

Reviewers rank us above Iterable in the majority of G2 categories, including audience segmentation, retargeting, campaign analytics, audience insights, message optimization, and overall platform UI. We rank higher than Iterable in 19 of the 25 features listed on G2. On TrustRadius, reviewers were over twice as likely to recommend OneSignal over Iterable. Users also ranked us eight times higher than Iterable for our usability and support. Check out our customer case studies below and create a free account to learn why we’ve earned the respect and trust of companies across different industries and countries.

Andrew Baltazar
OneSignal had all the features we needed out of the box, could deliver messages across both web and mobile, and presented a leaner workflow. It was a no brainer.

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